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Community Intro - Spzl

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Tell us about yourself.

My name is Brent. I am 29 and live in North Carolina. I played RS as a kid and though I played OSRS close to when it was released I started played again with the launch of mobile... my downtime at work is now 100% utilized :).


Clan history.  

I have been in many guilds on MMO's but none that have been as well set up and structured as I am learning this clan is. I played world of warcraft for years with a big group of friends that raided 3 nights a week.



How did you hear about us? Reddit

Do you plan to join? YES


Any last comments?  

I am excited to join, seeing the PK event going on today just makes me upset that I waited until now to look for a community to play within. Look forward to seeing you guys/girls in discord! Say hello and don't make fun of my accent lmao.

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