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  1. tangle16

    I forgot my username and password so I dont own an account any more, can the game be craked ? or have to buy it again
  2. tangle16

    support, welcome ! this is a nice guy right here !
  3. tangle16

  4. tangle16

    gangster crips ?
  5. tangle16

    welcome back
  6. half already died, and fuck no, I hate them all
  7. tangle16

    nice, hope you get a nice house soon
  8. tangle16

    20m/s , shit conection; third world country stuff you know
  9. tangle16

    I still cant do zulrah
  10. tangle16

    still some stuff missing (?)
  11. tangle16

    I bought bonds, hahaha good one
  12. tangle16

    welcome back
  13. tangle16

  14. tangle16

    welcomee to the forums
  15. tangle16

    nice, another pker, welcome