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One Zenyte, thread over TL;DR if you want a drop change your rsn

WG Shovel

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The collection log has inspired me to log my demonic grind a little more carefully, as i'm now approaching 3 times the drop rate no zenyte on this account and closer to 3 times drop rate if you include the tasks i've done on Toph's account. So! I started a gorilla tab and i'm not leaving until I get my first zenyte. I've also changed my name until I get that first zenny too. Guthix be kind to me.

Starting KC

At least for this acc



Current KC


Current Tab



KC Since Start: 40


Trip Log




Collection Log

I obtained the light frame just before starting these tabs so it doesn't really count for this but it's there anyhow




I'll probably not be doing much else on RS until this is done so i'll probably update daily for anybody who is interested.

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Lmao so as it turns out changing your name guarantees drops. At a disgusting 913 KC today I finally hit a zenny, over 2 accounts I was essentially 4 times drop rate. I am, very happy. It's taken a stupid amount of time.


First post has been updated with final tab/trip screenshots. 40 KC Later lmao, thanks for coming guys



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