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Road to my own pet farm

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So decided I'm going to keep a Zulrah tab going until I get the pet, I am not camping or farming the boss just doing it casually with a bit daily (10-20 kills). I'm looking at doing 10 minimum a day. I started this tab at around 170 kc and I am currently at 353, I'll be trying to update the thread with a tab value every 200 kills.


- Death runes, law runes, and manta rays are not included in the tab because I use those.

- I use some of the teleport scrolls I get.

- Partial amounts of the worthless things like flax/ess/snakeskin were already there.


Once I do achieve the pet I will sell off the tab and move onto another boss. The next boss will most likely be vorkath.


183 KC TAB





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