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  1. Nice, good luck. The only reason I got 99 slayer is because its the best skill, yes. YES.
  2. Cool. I should of done with Vorki but got pet at 133 or so and was like, well that was fun.
  3. I use to make low level pk pure alts but I don't even have one alt that I use nowadays
  4. Happy Bday! Hope yours was as good as mine. My wife made dinner and cake. I might not have gotten any 'presents' from anyone but I made my wife cook instead of presents lol
  5. Thanks I'm going to be helping continue build a shed irl today yay, trying to get more done before snow comes in a few days and makes us all hide inside for a week or so again
  6. Please join our Discord server and read the #joining_wg channel to see the final step in the process. I am Violent What is your current RS name? I am Violent List any previous RS names: Wizard Storm, some others that I've changed it to in clans over the past howmanyever years What is your total level and combat level? 126 and 1978 Tell us about your RuneScape account and history. My account is my account, original owner, I've been playing Run-Escape since 2002 on and off. I love it. It's my #1 game above all else. Probably nowadays because of nostalgia but since they've been updating the game a lot I've been getting back into playing. Tell us about your clan history. I've been in a lot, a lot. I can't even remember most of them. I've even been trying out pvm teams on the runescape boards. Its just The most recent clan I was in was The Rising until they closed. The inactive members on there still do things sometimes but I don't attend. Tell us about your yourself. I'm Randy. I live in Colorado. I've been playing for 17 years. I haven't achieved anything on here lol I'm sure I would have been maxed by now if RS hadn't of broken off and become OldSchool but it's okay. I go fishing, hiking, canoeing/kayaking, and all kinds of things in my free time. I have been trying out more games recently online since I upgraded my computer. So if anyone wants to try a game out with me let me know and I'll see if I can get it How did you hear about us? I've been here before but it was probably mojo who recruited me back then. What makes you want to join us? I've been ghosting the forums, irc, and discord for a while now after TR closed. I've been talking and asking questions, and it seems there are a decent enough events to keep me preoccupied when I'm not trying to better my account and I know a few people. So this would be fun I don't plan on running off anywhere anytime soon. Do you agree to the rules and requirements of WG and understand that this is an honour clan? Yes Come clean about anything that may deter us from accepting you: I've probably lured and all kinds of stuff in my time. I've even left my account with people when I was inactive a few years back, but I'm the only one with access to it now and I don't do anything on rs but try to play
  7. I'm looking at getting an xb1. Not sure yet, I don't think I want a ps4. Still deciding but pretty sure xb1 is coming to my house soon. I have 360 atm don't play on it.
  8. UGH I hate nmz grats
  9. Nice. I wish I would of done that, but I randomly do things in rs so it took me forever for 99 slayer. GL
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