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Darq Laydee

Darq Laydee, reporting for duty (I said doody!)

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Rather than re-type some huge, long intro, where I have no idea what to say, I am just copy-pasting my application :D



Tell us about your RuneScape account and history.

I initially started RS2 back in 2003 as Zoltrixes and found out very early on that I prefer slaying and PvM/PvP and only do the skilling thing as required/needed. Before I really understood what clans were about, I joined a group of friends and we became 3xtermination (3x). This built up my knowledge and love for Pk'ing and wars, but it soon became apparent that this clan was much too small to ever be among the ranks, and I wanted to continue to learn and grow. When I hit cmb 100, I joined Solar Angels (SA) and that is where I was at until the end of that acct life. I had some things happen IRL that made it difficult for me to continue playing (graduated HS, moved out for college, and lost track of time with my studies). I eventually gave the acct to a friend to take care of, and in time, lost contact with him. 

Fast forward almost a decade, and I decided to see if RS was still a thing, and made a new account; and that is when Zoltrix was born (since I could not claim my old name). Very early on, I joined a social clan called Dreapers where I met some very good people whom I still talk to every day. Unfortunately, the leader (Dreapers) was a complete nut job and it began to tear the group apart and cause issues among the clan. Some of the higher ranks separated and made their own group (Relax Hub) and I went with them. I am currently a Silver Star in the CC and a trusted and loyal member of the community. While Relax Hub is a fun place to hang out with good friends, I am looking for a "real" clan to join. 

I typically spend my in-game time slaying, or rev-pvm, or chasing whatever short term goals I have set for myself that day. My original name, Zoltrixes, has no real meaning. I have always loved names with Z's and X's, without numbers, that were readable. When I was unable to keep my original name, I just didnt "feel" Zoltrix, if that makes sense. I changed to Lady Z but it seemed too "cliche" of a name, and therefore settled on Darq Laydee, as I love the play on spelling. 


Tell us about your clan history.

Oops, I basically added that in the previous question!


Tell us about your yourself.

Ok, so this is the part I dread on all these forum questionnaires, LOL. I never quite know what to say, so here goes. I am Amanda, or just Mandi to most, and I'm older than most of the people I play with (32yrs old). I live in NC, USA but I still consider myself from Texas, where I lived and grew up most of my life. I'm married to my HS sweetheart, and have 2 munchkins, an 8yr old boy and 3yr old girl. I have an Associates of Technology degree but am currently unemployed and looking for better options to help the family financially and boost our savings. When I'm not spending time with the family, I enjoy hiking, camping, fishing, reading/writing, LARP, cosplay, and, ofc, OSRS. Other than that, I have a small obsession with true crime, specifically serial killers and/or mass murderers and am always reading/watching something about some morbid history. I am definitely not a girly girl, and I dont mind getting down and dirty with "the boys" for a game of tackle football or wrestling now and then. 

I really don't know what else to add on here, except I'm an open book, so just ask.

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I try to PK, I used to be really good (not to brag or anything like that), but its been a decade since I've been in a warring/pk clan and can definitely use the practice and training again. What I mainly lack right now is the bank (only have low end gear atm) and getting used to Fkeys for switches. I have the general knowledge and tanking ability. 

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Welcome, I do the bare minimum of skilling too. Mining was probably the worst for me! 


Duel arena / clan wars friendlies are always great to practice pvp mechanics as well as the upcoming Last man standing minigame update for prayer switches since Jagex stated  it will have infinite prayer!

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