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Wilderness Guardians

[Accepted] OldWizownage

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Please join our Discord server and read the #joining_wg channel to see the final step in the process.



What is your current RS name? OldWizownage

List any previous RS namesWizownage3

What is your total level and combat level?

 1008 total

90 cb


Tell us about your RuneScape account and history.

just coming back, used to run revs with clans before I left a yr ago.
i have pure acct looking for group to pk with


Tell us about your clan history.

this is the first app since i started back.
i was apart of some before I stopped playing just for revs. but now this is the first


Tell us about your yourself.

Job: data analyst
Family: wife & 1 kid
Name: Matthew lane
Music: Edm/ all types
Dislikes: Lumbridge
Likes: teams and making bank


How did you hear about us?  Response from reddit post

What makes you want to join us? not finding any active clans, wanted to be apart of something still going


Do you agree to the rules and requirements of WG and understand that this is an honour clanYes


Come clean about anything that may deter us from accepting you: not the best stats, but i can TB and have Ice barr

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Congratulations, you have been accepted into our community!

You are now an Initiate Guardian.

Your target now is to achieve 95 combat, attend 3 events, reply to 10 posts then graduate.


Useful links

  • Graduations - you should aim for 95 combat then post your graduation form here.
  • Unread Content - gives you the latest posts. Keeps you up to date.
  • Important Announcements - check frequently for major updates.
  • Calendar - all events are here, listed in your own time zone. You can even host your own.
  • Discord - keep notifications on for #osrs_announcements and #graduation. We'll never spam you.
  • Recruitment Tips - help expand our clan
  • New to PvM or PvP? Check out the #pvm-help and #pvp-help channels on Discord.


Levelling Up

We are committed to helping you achieve 95+ combat so that you can unlock access to more of our PvP and PvM events.

  • Combat Training Guide - this is our exclusive guide giving you a very fast way to train combat.
  • Money Making Guide - the wiki has money making methods for all levels.
  • Official Wiki - the official wiki has information on everything OSRS related. Just type something into the search box.


Important: as our clan chat is public, please do not talk about PvP events in WG_CC. Use Discord.

Let me know when you've read this.

I and the staff are happy to answer any further questions.

Welcome to our clan!


P.S. Got two minutes spare? Take this optional survey to help us with our recruitment process.

P.P.S. Are you a Discord Nitro subscriber or have a lot of IRL money? 🤑 Consider giving us your Nitro Server Boost. See #nitro-boost on Discord for info.

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