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  1. Fart
  2. Car
  3. Got another one of these. Yeah... Did not even bother to split.
  4. Welcome to the boards. Glad you enjoyed your first raid!
  5. Very nice!
  6. Yet another dex scroll, split between @AAIGHT, @TheBlaziking, @Pollie and myself (I should probably stop the mentions loll).
  7. Happy new years everyone!
  8. Arcane scroll split between @5ftassassin and myself today. 6.5M split
  9. You are free to post it in the thread, along with your Twisted B(ow)uckler! I will update the OP as drops are being submitted into the thread.
  10. Dragon claws drop, 28.3m split between @urkelson, @5ftassassin and myself.
  11. Cat

    Cat, you rejoin and these will be yours.
  12. Merry Christmas to you too, Cat! We all miss you
  13. Ancestral robe bottom today! 26M split between @urkelson, @5ftassassin and myself.
  14. 5ftassasin, urkelson and I went for some raids today. Got two drops in a row! All in all, good day for raids. Dext scroll sold for 60.2M (kept 200k for myself. Alt tax, tehehehehehe.)
  15. Congrats Frozen, 99 slayer is a great achievement!