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  1. Imitus

    So far, it looks like a fun challenge.
  2. Imitus

    So I guess he considers revs as high lvl pvming
  3. Imitus

    Now multiply that number with 2
  4. Imitus

    As others have said, an amazing app. Welcome!
  5. Imitus

    That's a shame. Runelite runs a lot smoother than OSbuddy too.
  6. Imitus

    Hey, welcome!
  7. Imitus

  8. Imitus

  9. Imitus

    Hey, welcome!
  10. Imitus

    Hey, welcome back!
  11. Imitus

    Welcome back buddy!
  12. Imitus

    Them mark gains. You'll get full graceful in no time!
  13. Imitus

    Agility when you go p2p, ASAP
  14. Imitus

    Welcome back, Frozen!
  15. Imitus

    Holy shit man, congrats!