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    How so?
  2. books

    I'm like Choco, I can't really read fiction. My favorite books to read are autobiographies and biographies about people who I admire or look up to. My favorites are Pete Rose: My Life Without Bars, Kurt Cobain Journals, and last but not least, Life: Keith Richards.
  3. Welcome Moon!
  4. Woo, way too many good movies to list, but I'll list some of my all time favorites in no particular order. - Fight Club - The Rocky Series - V for Vendetta - Oh Brother Where Art Thou (Little change of genre)
  5. Very nice! Congratzz!!!
  6. I started a business and I'm lucky enough to say that I'm 100% living off of that income
  7. Very artistic, I love it. Can I have a dope black beard down to the chest with black ray bans and puffing a fat L?
  8. Damn I'm jelly
  9. I see you working! Keep up the gainz!!
  10. 126

    Hell yeah boi! Went hard for the prayer!
  11. Thanks everyone for the friendly welcome!
  12. Ayy we in here! Thanks Homie
  13. PSN: KGisGroovy I don't play much PS4 at all, but when I'm playing, I'm either on Fifa or MLB The Show, so if anyone's bout the sports, I can always run a game
  14. Done! Thank you!!
  15. Thanks Cat! Much appreciated!