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  1. At least 80+ combat stats. The higher the range, the better; recommended 85+. 80+ mage And at least one member of your party needs 55+ farming and 78+ herblore
  2. Ended up being a 4 man split. came out to 19.6m each! Thanks everyone!!
  3. Title pretty much explains it all. Think of this as an outlet to say your short or long term goals; or both! Gotta make sure we're livin' that #NoExpLoss lifestyle IRL, too! As some of you may know, I'm an audio engineer, but my real passion is in producing music. For me, as a short term goal, There's a certain song that I'm producing right now, that I have an artist lined up for who could bless the track. My goal is to get that track finished and have it chosen to be a single for this particular artist's upcoming album!
  4. Very kinky, did you at least buy him dinner first?
  5. My favorite memories were finessing the market in world 1 or 2 at Falador Park or Varrock West.
  6. I'm like Choco, I can't really read fiction. My favorite books to read are autobiographies and biographies about people who I admire or look up to. My favorites are Pete Rose: My Life Without Bars, Kurt Cobain Journals, and last but not least, Life: Keith Richards.
  7. Woo, way too many good movies to list, but I'll list some of my all time favorites in no particular order. - Fight Club - The Rocky Series - V for Vendetta - Oh Brother Where Art Thou (Little change of genre)
  8. Very nice! Congratzz!!!
  9. I started a business and I'm lucky enough to say that I'm 100% living off of that income
  10. Very artistic, I love it. Can I have a dope black beard down to the chest with black ray bans and puffing a fat L?
  11. Damn I'm jelly
  12. I see you working! Keep up the gainz!!
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