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  1. Ellmeister

    Hello & welcome
  2. Ellmeister

    Quick everybody get ready to buy some bonds with max cash ;D
  3. Ellmeister

    Hello and welcome!
  4. Ellmeister

    Hello and welcome. I hate mosquitoes also.
  5. Ellmeister

    Ring of life's are meant to be meaningful. Don't waste it on a girl.. Think about the armour you could lose by not using protection!
  6. Ellmeister

    Not much progress but my Herblore tab is growing pretty steadily. All self gathered apart from a few secondaries.
  7. Ellmeister

    Been with mine since I was 16. Now 25. Tried selling on the GE but would of lost too much on my investment so now we have a house.
  8. Ellmeister

    Hello and welcome!
  9. Ellmeister

    Hello and welcome! Be careful what sites you introduce yourself as up to do anything!
  10. Ellmeister

    Hello and welcome!
  11. Ellmeister

    So close but so far! Congrats.
  12. Ellmeister

    Hello and welcome!
  13. Ellmeister

  14. Ellmeister

    Very nice! Congrats.
  15. Ellmeister

    Hello and welcome! any hobbies / interests outside of RS?