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  1. Ellmeister

    Not a bug report. More of a request! I use the site on mobile tonnes. Is it possible for the bar at top (menu etc) to either scroll with the screen or when you scroll up slightly for it to appear? Feels like I'm flicking for days to get back to the top of a long post to click back onto unread section etc. PH do it on their site which I frequent too.
  2. Ellmeister

    Nahhhhhhh mate. My farm gainz are at work. Mobile is win.
  3. Ellmeister

    Well somebody is compensating for having small feet!
  4. Ellmeister

    Hello and welcome!
  5. Ellmeister

    Welcome Michael
  6. Ellmeister

    Welcome dude
  7. Ellmeister

    Hello & welcome!
  8. Ellmeister

  9. Ellmeister

    Looks like it could be a meme with clannies names above each one :L
  10. Ellmeister

    Simular story for me. Drop some of that info into your app to bulk it out. You'll find a small edit button at the bottom of your first post.
  11. Ellmeister

    I live in UK and have been loads of places. France, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Spain, Greece, USA (Florida), Australia (WA-have family there. Fav place in world.), Thailand and the list goes on. Off to Scotland Sunday to do most of the NC500. Went to Scotland last year and loved it. Can't wait to see some of the scenery and relax. (I love driving and outdoors etx)
  12. Ellmeister

    Snorlax. Love the pic. I'm new and don't know you though :(.
  13. Ellmeister

    Hello and welcome! I'm very forgetful too. Can't remember why j wrote that already ;).
  14. Ellmeister

    Hello and welcome! Range tank is my favourite style. Just contribute best you can. I usually start in mage freezes and return with a tank and spear as I'm poor. Working on building my PK tab. Everybody starts somewhere!