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  1. Kanstil

    welcome, goodluck
  2. Kanstil

    I have a G&G combat machine cm16, played on and off since i was a kid.. pretty fun
  3. Kanstil

    welcome, good luck in your app enjoyed talking and playing with you so far!
  4. Kanstil

    he saw us at corp, i invited him to CC and told him to do the intro stuff. What slump said, add more detail and you should be good to go
  5. Kanstil

    well guys, hes friends with aaight. toss out the app. jkjk welcome boi
  6. Kanstil

    tis a good application
  7. Kanstil

    Welcome, I hope you enjoy your time with us. Good luck in the joining process
  8. Kanstil

    Welcome, goodluck with the app process
  9. Kanstil

    welcome...... pking is more fun, just fyi dont listen to aaight and you should be fine!
  10. Kanstil

    I have a 95 miata as a daily and a 02 wrx that i rallycross.....\ brother has a 04 wrx that we are swapping a wrecked wrx into. and he has a vw gli jetta as a daily
  11. Kanstil

    got a doggo and a cat
  12. Kanstil

  13. Kanstil

  14. Kanstil

    just going to slide on in here with my subaru... i rallyX it..... i daily a 95 miata that ill take a picture of when i get the new wheels and tires on it later this week