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  1. Y u no (re)join, literally takes 3 events
  2. KITTY <3
  3. Heya Juissi! Seen ya around the cc and what not. Welcome!
  4. Steam: INPLongstreet Overwatch/Battlenet: Longstreet#2950 League EUW: Longstreet I got a league NA acc that's level 30 and whatnot, but it has a symbol in the name that you cant copy/paste so, msg me your NA IGN if you want to ever play.
  5. Welcome aboard, hope to see you around!
  6. I'm pretty sure nobody will call me by my real name but whatevs Hi, I'm Marouane! (pronounced as Marwan)
  7. About damn time!
  8. Wow our average hunter skill is even lower than runecrafting and mining.
  9. Happy birthday Frostman~
  10. It's a bug, if you hop worlds back to back and whatnot it automatically kicks you out.
  11. How much wood would a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
  12. Why Cat? Cat
  13. Good luck Mojo! I've started to play DMM a bit today, gonna maybe play around on it with some friends.
  14. G'morning! Not cat tho. Save me from school Mojo jojo
  15. 356. Good luck!