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  1. WG Gore Def

    Smithing dart tips. Fletching unstrung bows. Crafting - Glassmaking/cutting gems Maniacal Monkeys hunting Woodcutting in general Cooking fish (Sharks, karambwans are usually profitable, about 100k gp/hr or so) MLM Brutal Black Dragons Eh, I've probably done other stuff on mobile but I can't really remember, and it's probably not really efficient to do anyway. Farm runs and birdhouse runs are also easily doable, and have decent profit for the amount of effort/time.
  2. WG Gore Def

    Transcript for @Mojo
  3. WG Gore Def

    Most interesting tidbit:
  4. WG Gore Def

  5. WG Gore Def

    Lmfao I guess you guys were made for each other's "crazyness"
  6. WG Gore Def

    Welcome mate! Glad to see you finally applied
  7. WG Gore Def

  8. WG Gore Def

    Morocco played well yday, I was proud. My last name is Boutaib btw, the attacker of Morocco is my dad's cousin's son. Anyone want an autograph?
  9. WG Gore Def

    Lmao, my cousin in living flesh. Didn't expect you to join, to be honest. :P You guys better be nice to him or otherwise I'll send Mojo on your asses.
  10. WG Gore Def

    Welcome back mate~
  11. WG Gore Def

  12. WG Gore Def

    See it as introducing yourself to the newer members who dont know you (yet)
  13. WG Gore Def

    I actually switched to void + blowpipe and bgs, people from the clan told me that's the best way to do it, and I did notice a noteable difference. First 50kc was done with void + rcb (had no bgs yet). For my first 10 or so kc I used barrows stuff but kills took a bit longer. You can see if you can pull it off: You dont have void tho? Also use the setup with pray ranged not mage. With a blowpipe you pray mage since you dont have anti-dragon shield.
  14. WG Gore Def

    100kc achieved~ Time for some other things
  15. WG Gore Def

    Dragonbone necklace @ 77kc w00t, second unique~