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  1. WG Gore Def

    Welcome mate! Glad to see you finally applied
  2. WG Gore Def

  3. WG Gore Def

    Morocco played well yday, I was proud. My last name is Boutaib btw, the attacker of Morocco is my dad's cousin's son. Anyone want an autograph?
  4. WG Gore Def

    Lmao, my cousin in living flesh. Didn't expect you to join, to be honest. :P You guys better be nice to him or otherwise I'll send Mojo on your asses.
  5. WG Gore Def

    Welcome back mate~
  6. WG Gore Def

  7. WG Gore Def

    See it as introducing yourself to the newer members who dont know you (yet)
  8. WG Gore Def

    I actually switched to void + blowpipe and bgs, people from the clan told me that's the best way to do it, and I did notice a noteable difference. First 50kc was done with void + rcb (had no bgs yet). For my first 10 or so kc I used barrows stuff but kills took a bit longer. You can see if you can pull it off: You dont have void tho? Also use the setup with pray ranged not mage. With a blowpipe you pray mage since you dont have anti-dragon shield.
  9. WG Gore Def

    100kc achieved~ Time for some other things
  10. WG Gore Def

    Dragonbone necklace @ 77kc w00t, second unique~
  11. WG Gore Def

    Thanks guys <3 Small update: Vork head on 45 =x another one on 50, but thats scripted And now I'm at 54 kc, still like 40+ left on my blue drags task. This boss is super free money, like wtf.
  12. WG Gore Def

    After basically being MIA right before this quest got released, I never got to get in on the early hype But I finally did the quest and with that my first KC:
  13. WG Gore Def

    Read the quoted text, jeez I felt rs was affecting my school, so dialed it back a bit, and before long got too caught up in school and didn't renew my membership. Thanks frosty!
  14. WG Gore Def

    Didn't really leave, got kicked for inactivity x:
  15. WG Gore Def

    WG Gore Def What is your current RS name? WG Gore Def List any previous RS names: Vieze Shlet MrwnB Aaron Divine What is your total level and combat level? Total: 1841 Cmb: 116 Tell us about your RuneScape account and history. I'll repost my old thread as it pretty much tells what I'd wanna tell: Erm, where to start.. I started back when RSClassic was out for a while and RS2 just got announced but was in beta/alpha? I was a little kid then, and English wasn't my native language so I obviously had no idea what I was doing. I came back to it when RS2 was released and out for a bit and started playing as most people in my class and agegroup started playing. I never got enough money for member as a poor high schooler so I mostly stayed f2p and didn't really get much into it. Fast forward a couple of years of quitting and playing, I finally started seriously playing at the end of my high school years, pre-eoc and around the time the wildy changes that everyone hated came into effect. I played till eoc came out and quit, I had 90+ in most my combat stats and whatnot, so I was doing pretty well and wouldn't call myself a noob at that stage. Fast forward again to about a year or so after OSRS came out. A friend wanted to start playing again for PvP, so we started a pure together (Vieze_Shlet). Realizing that a pure requires a lot of frigging money to keep PKing with it, I decided to start playing the game properly again on a main to provide that cash. I got that account really high up there in terms of stats, some 99s, 90+ combat stats etc. But after a bit I got bored and decided to take a break (1.5 years ago now?). After a few months of a break, I decided to login again and I got the dreaded message that my account got banned.. For botting. I figured it was the whole ordeal with hackers or whatever logging in selling everything you have and botting on the account or whatever that some youtubers were dealing with. I tried to appeal, never got a reply and I decided that that's that and quit the game for good. Additions: The banned account I got back, and have been playing on it ever since. I joined WG a little less than a year ago and it got me way into the game, enjoying both the social aspect and group activities. I got carried away while, and it affected my school, thus I decided to ease up on the game and slowly starting around December 2017, I slowly went from being one of the more active members to playing very little. I got a bit burned out too, I suppose, as my account stats skyrocketed pretty fast for the amount of days that would pass. Fast forward into January and I didn't renew my membership, decided to put rs on hold until I feel good enough about school. Last week I finished an ongoing project that started in January and only have to do a demonstration and a presentation somewhere in the coming weeks. Decided it was time to start the game up again, as I've been itching to play again, rebought membership yesterday and here I am again! Tell us about your clan history. I always had trouble finding active clans that withstood the passage of time. So I'm glad you guys didn't go anywhere. Longest running clan for a reason, eh? :P Tell us about your yourself. Repost: I'm 24 years old, currently studying Computer Science. I'm from The Netherlands (born and raised), but my parents were born in Morocco, so I'm technically a full-blooded Moroccan. As for hobbies, I enjoy most of the geeky stuff anybody online enjoys (anime, gaming, funny youtube videos, reddit) but I also enjoy playing soccer with friends and I'm even looking to sign up again for boxing. How did you hear about us? Oldschool Runescape Forums What makes you want to join us? Original reason: Your forum post was extensive, I agreed with the rules and most importantly I really like the website and the way everything is set up. It basically feels like you guys are serious about the clan, and that's kinda what I've been looking for. New reason: I've made many friends within the clan, enjoyed the game way more being in WG than before when I wasn't a part of the community. I can't think of OSRS without considering WG being part of the experience, to be frank. Do you agree to the rules and requirements of WG and understand that this is an honour clan? Yes Come clean about anything that may deter us from accepting you: Mojo might be compromised when I rejoin and he falls back in love with me all over again.