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  1. FrotoDabbins

    Good luck joining, looking forward to seeing you at the pk trips
  2. FrotoDabbins

    Ive known him for years, we were in 3v0 together. Great guy and I think he'll have fun here. I have no tips for the application process, mine was shit too lol just try and add some stuff.
  3. FrotoDabbins

    Hey, welcome. Good luck joining
  4. FrotoDabbins

    Nice app, welcome Nate. Hope to see you at some events soon
  5. FrotoDabbins

    Welcome to the forums macaronn
  6. FrotoDabbins

    Welcome, good luck joining. Hope to see you at some events soon
  7. FrotoDabbins

    Great app, sorry we killed you.. I was there Welcome, hope to see you at some pk's soon
  8. FrotoDabbins

    https://gyazo.com/fd342cd3bfb7c6d78223680841790ce4 Not super impressive but Its been almost completely built up from stuff I've pked with WG. I'm ready! No idea how to just post the image.. I'm a noob.
  9. FrotoDabbins

    Aaight pk's like a boss D:
  10. FrotoDabbins

    Welcome Noel, hope to see you at some pk trips soon!
  11. FrotoDabbins

    Welcome Ron, impressive total level! See you at the pk trips soon hopefully!
  12. FrotoDabbins

    Welcome! I couldn’t keep playing after eoc either. Rough times. Hope to see you at our pk trips!
  13. FrotoDabbins

    Hey thats me in my sexy gear Fun pk trip guys, thanks for letting me tag along!
  14. FrotoDabbins

    Nice, makes an iron man look like fun. Congrats on the rune scim/full graceful!
  15. FrotoDabbins

    Lol Tony is close enough. Will do, Slumptality. Thanks guys!