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  1. Chrith

    Give him some slack, guys. He's a nice guy and he loves to pk. I'd vouch for him any day.
  2. Chrith

    Welcome brother. GL on your second application
  3. Chrith

    Welcome. and gl on your application
  4. Chrith

    Welcome, best of luck on your application!
  5. Chrith

    Lyeer my man! Finally good to see you applying good luck on it! (i vouch for this guy)
  6. Chrith

    Nice app, good luck bro and welcome
  7. Chrith

    Happy birthday bro
  8. Chrith

    GL on your application bro, and welcome!
  9. Chrith

    Thanks! Just joined a pk trip, was fun.
  10. Chrith

    @Mojo This is 4 years ago. I was a big part of the early wealthy stakers on osrs, thats how i got to 17b. Decided to take a break from the game back then because of school. You will not see anything like this from me in the future. btw, my car still runs fine LOL (Ive also never botted in my life, botting is sad)
  11. Chrith

    Thank you, WG Fargorn I am currently on vacation but i will be home tomorrow around 22:00 GMT, after that ill be active every day.
  12. Chrith

    Please join our Discord server and read the #joining_wg channel to see the final step in the process. b333fy tank What is your current RS name? b333fy tank List any previous RS names: This is my main accounts previous name, some of which im well known for in deadman mode, for example: W45 Gorilla DMW Harambe l AM HARAMBE Hl lM CHRlS CHRITH What is your total level and combat level? Total level: 1627 (currently working on my combat stats) Combat level: 110 Tell us about your RuneScape account and history. I started playing in 6th grade, which is 12 years ago. Like every other casual runescape players i never got far on the old rs before EOC, and i had a break after EOC release till osrs release before i started playing again. Ive also been playing world 45 DMM (original dmm server) for about a year with no activity on the main game, but i recently got back to the main game about 6 months ago because world 45 dmm is completely dead. Im currently working on my main account, my main goal is to max combat stats as i would like to pk and do pvm. Tell us about your clan history. Ive been in multiple clans on world 45 DMM and only one clan in the main game, named Endless Vengeance. That clan is a pvm/skilling clan mainly with some pking once in a while (One organized clan pk trip once a month on average...). This is the reason i am now looking for another clan to join. On world 45 DMM ive been a leader of an old clan named DMW (Dead Man Walking), co-leader of NBK and co-leader of MOB. I also helped create the "CD" clan before i eventually quit world 45 to achieve my goals on the main game instead. If you look up my main account (b333fy tank) on the world 45 hiscores youll find a nearly maxed account (used to be max before i died a couple times). I used to pk on world 45, and i love working with a clan as im not the best solo pker there is, yet.. Tell us about your yourself. My name is Chris (full name Christian), im 24 years old and i live in Norway. I work full time in customer service so im a loudmouth and i love talking to other people, but currently im out of work due to health issues which prevents me from working for a while. I live in my own apartment, i have a girlfriend i spend a decent amount of time with, and the main game i play is Runescape. I use most of my spare time to play the game, and you usually see me online quite often. Discord is important to me, as i need to communicate with people, for example when doing pvm or pvp events. I like to look at myself as a motivator, im usually the guy who takes initiative to do pk trips, pvm events, etc. and im generally a nice guy to be around. likes: I LOVE pking. I miss pking since world 45 dmm and i would like to see a bunch of people pk together, who actually knows how to pk and if not, are willing to learn how to pk. Dislikes: Liars, scammers, flamers How did you hear about us? Thank god for Google What makes you want to join us? Pking. Ive read through some of your forum posts and i absolutely love pking over anything else. I really hope you like my application and i dont mind proving myself out there if needed :) Do you agree to the rules and requirements of WG and understand that this is an honour clan? Yes Come clean about anything that may deter us from accepting you: I sold 17,000,000,000 old school runescape gold and bought myself a car for that money, in 2014. LOL. I dont RWT anymore and all of the actions were done on a mule account which can not be traced back to my main account or my IP in any way.