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    GL on your app noob
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    Welcome and gl on your application! knäckebröd
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    Welcome! GL on your application
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    Hi and welcome, gl on your application
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    @2gek4jou Hey man! Chris here, i was also in EV_CC, i dont know if you remember me though! Welcome to WG and gl on your app
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    Welcome and gl on the app
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    Good luck on your app!
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    Hello, gl on your app!
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    Me and my GF been together for 3.5 years
  11. Spaghetti Bolognese
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    Hi and welcome! I recommend filling out your application a little bit more, it will up the chances of getting accepted
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    Hey guys! I don't know if theres a topic on this, but i'll make one anyway. I've spent around 10 minutes of my life setting up an easy PK tab in my bank, i figured i'd share it with you guys. This is an easy setup, on the left side you can see my basic rag gear/rev pk gear, with a couple extra charged bracelets. On the right side is the higher risk which i use for GDZ/deep wilderness pk. I also put my main potions i use for pking in there, + my looting bag to make it even easier and faster By using this tab the way it is, i can regear in less than 20 seconds, which is GREAT for clan events or for a quick regear to hit teams, etc. I really recommend setting up a pk tab so we can grab quick regears after deaths, etc. as we normally have to do complete regroups if we lose a couple in the wild, and it's taking away a lot of time. Feel free to comment anything i could do better with this tab, but i am very satisfied with the result
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    Welcome, gl on your application
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    I support this man