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  1. Ranma344

    I play entirely too much League of Legends, name Shadow Futaba, NA server. Recently started streaming too.
  2. Ranma344

    I'll let ya know when it happens... lol
  3. Ranma344

    Been with my girl 2 years now, and I've pulled her to the other side of the country with me, so she isn't going anywhere XD
  4. Ranma344

    Picture was taken just after the farewell dinner with my family before I moved across the country. I'm the behemoth of a man in the back.... My mother is the one mugging it up selfie style.
  5. Ranma344

    It's been like 200 years, and the only direction my stats went is down... gratz lol.
  6. Ranma344

    No prob bob
  7. Ranma344

    Got me beat =(
  8. Ranma344

    I use gimp. The latest iteration of which is fantastic.
  9. Ranma344

    How's this suit ya? I can move the text if need be.
  10. Ranma344

    I'll try and modify it when I get home tonight
  11. Ranma344

    Well, I'm not sure if it's what you wanted, but I gave it a shot, it was damn hard to find an image that I enjoyed working with lol
  12. Ranma344

    I'm not sure if you still want me to try, but if so, I can to ight, just tell me what you want. I'm pretty sure I can still do animation, for text at least, if you want one of that style. I honestly just wanna try out my new pen more lol.
  13. Ranma344

    Very early into the games launch, I was on a sponsored sPvP team... Sadly ANet decided pve was more important, and my team just couldn't last the stagnation. I haven't played in so long now
  14. Ranma344

    No guarantees, but I might be able to help you out. I just might be a bit slow about it as I just started a new job. For reference, I made my signature.
  15. Ranma344

    It is super nice to know there are still people that remember me. It feels great to be back.