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  1. Brandon

    Keep us updated! This is what I live for!!
  2. Brandon

    I hate looking at this thread. I wanna be rich and have a nice bank that doesn't look like someone just got on and moved everything around for fun
  3. I just want your loooovvveee.

  4. Brandon

    Welcome Freek! I hope to get the chance to meet you! Let me know if you need anything!
  5. Brandon

    Lait for President!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All Hail the Magical Choco, Lait Choco the Almighty Ruler! He rules with an Iron Fist ! Goodluck friend glad we get to be together
  6. Brandon

    Hope I get a chance to meet you and do some events together!
  7. Brandon

    Very nice I need to get my ass in gear and work on Agility. Its just soooo boriinnggg
  8. Brandon

    Good luck, Can't wait to see the pictures!
  9. Brandon

    Welcome Edward! It was nice to meet you when you first joined discord
  10. Brandon

    Good I can steal everyones bank ideas
  11. Brandon

    Very nice family!
  12. Brandon

    Very nice I'm jealous. I'm trying to get my hunter up now so I can do mm2
  13. Brandon

    Hello friend! I've seen you around in Clan Chat. Good luck!
  14. Brandon

    I saw this on Facebook today, Runescape will also have them playing live I think at rune-fest.
  15. Brandon

    AAIGHT I didn't want to tell them how I took your bank. Thanks friends.