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  1. Brandon

    Hello Jeron ! If thats your real last name I would delete it just because privacy your choice though. Hope to see you around don't forget 48 message a app [email protected]
  2. Brandon

    Welcome! The game of nostalgic and times you ditch your friends/girl friend to play on online with people you've never meant! Hope to see you around in discord and such!
  3. Brandon

    Welcome to [email protected]! You are great glad that someone in WG recruited you from the game. Hope to see you in discord and at events. Thanks for your time!
  4. Brandon

    Welcome friend! No more auto clickers please we need you as member not banned :). If you neeed anything let me know I'm always on discord..
  5. Brandon

    Welcome Ethan! In 40 hours from not don't forget to message app manager (Slumptality and Mojo currently). You seem very nice and laid back. Hope to see you around and on discord friend.
  6. Brandon

    Must not of been you and your "gang of monkeys"!
  7. Brandon

    You have fish face!
  8. Brandon

  9. Brandon

    Welcome [email protected] Let me know if you need anything!
  10. Brandon

    Happy birthday to my favorite clan member!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Adult cat stinks though for real
  11. Keep trying to steal my friends I'll slit your throat. Thanks bb

    1. WG Ruby
    2. Brandon


      Laugh now, I am watching you!

  12. Brandon

    Welcome to WG Tristan!!!!! Glad you applied and you really did a good job on your forum. Took you 5 minutes most people take 10 minutes to do half what you did. Can't wait to see your gains you've been leveling so fast! Don't forget 48 hours message a app manager! (mojo or slumptality atm)
  13. Brandon

    Welcome friend you may want to put more effort into app. Other than that I always see you in the clan chat so I hope you stick with us! Thanks for applying!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Brandon

    Happy Birthday! Don't let Adult_Cat Ruin it!
  15. Brandon