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    @Huskington Because we are an open clan, anyone could join in. Multiple times when I have pked with WG we are out pking in multi but we have a cmb level difference compared to other pking clans that have 126cmb numbers. As being a 126-cmb and yourself being 126, sometimes 1/3 of our squad gets pked by various other levels by pure clans etc and we cant help them and just telling them to tele out if they can. Or then they would focus targets that 2/3 or whatever can't attack, leaving them vulnerable and we can't do anything about it. Then we would have to "wait" or leave behind those who are different in combat levels compared to maxed. As you know that effects the flow of rotations of who is calling and what we can hit with our numbers being so diverse. So I wanted just a straight "level cmb 124-above" req that could face other clans with similar cmb numbers. I know we cannot fix this issue about being a level requirement, so I have to set that aside and acknowledge that we are different than other clans. I'm not saying its a bad thing, just it tends to get messy sometimes when newer pkers split into different piles of who and who we cant attack. Lastly, and how people bring out different setups to revs. Such as the Ballista or just one iteming "like maybe if they ice blitzed then pulls out a ballista with rag gear" when there is a "obvious trend of certain members" that bring mystics or better equipment with the slim occurrence of people that bring tank gear so we fight another clan of equal numbers. Or when we engage in a fight, people just escaping/teleing out when we are in a fight with another clan and not re-gearing to come back out. I get it, if people are new to pking and being open to practice 1v1's to develop our skills. It is up to the warlords of WG to try to corral and mentor those how to fight other clans if we can take them with our various combat numbers. I tried to teach others about gear set-ups and etc, - I know we have a gear setup explained, but it feels like no one pays attention to that and just tags along. Finally, it just feels like saying "bring mage" and also not comparing to what everyone's individual brings in their inventories brings us to a disadvantage if we engage onto another clan. There were numerous times where we "could" have nabbed some clan in the bag easily if we had the same setup/inv as a team. There are certain situations to rag with salads and not to wear salads, but I feel like people tend to do whatever they want to without any repercussions from higher ranks. My honest intention is to grow the greasers with the mentality of dominating the rev scene more than ever to help out in anyway that I can to newer people that wishes to PK with us. I personally felt like I could not influence or talk about any above opinions/changes because it is not in my realm nor power nor rank to do so. I did not want to have any ill intentions, so I quietly left WG without defining my intentions and reasoning's why I have left before. And my typing skills are very lackluster so I just don't like writing a book about my opinions because I do not like to create drama or to draw attention onto myself.

    Thanks for the clarification. Because as I read your statements couple months ago, I took it as if I were a spy. @Mojo

    Is this not the "implication" that I was becoming a "rev spy?" There's literally no point for me to do that. I do not have bad intentions for any clan. I do admit I could've done better to search for other clans to "attempt to join them." As it was my first time trying to "browse around for other multi-pking clans."

    My counter is that frankly I was looking into "every rs clan" naively that pk's in multi. I did not make an account into Rev or any other big multi clan (except for CT- not an trial member for them either.) By simply clicking onto their webpage. That is not "attempting to join" into Rev or any other clan. Then I would have to put down every single clan on runescape that PKs in the wildy into my "clan history page?" I simply weighed my options and would think what best suited myself. The only one I have tried to join into is CT, and they said it would be a while before I could become a trial member. And @Mojo you stated that I was a Rev Spy before on discord? I did not make any account on any forum except for CT. I cleared this up with you one on one on discord stating that I was browsing around to join a clan and that I did not know the "rules" and actions of "simply browsing around looking for another clan was SUCH a BIG deal or making it into one." I just wanted some action with multipking because that is what I mostly tend to do on runescape. So I did not state in my history of "browsing different clans", because I have no "initiate membership" history with any of them. So after being told that its a "BIG NO NO" not to browse around to weigh my options so I stuck with CT for a while on their discord/forums, but real life stuff consumed me and in the end did not have to time & commitment for a large multipk clan. So I wanted to rejoin here with good intentions with everyone and to enjoy runescape like everyone else.

    I'd admit i could handle better about my abrupt leaving and I do apologize for the confusion.

    @Mojo CT took long to process, Wanted to pk more but Real life stuff happened etc - Couldn't commit enough time in their long process. Ive already mentioned about it, didnt know it would be "coming clean" when everyone knows about it. @scimmy397 In the army! Infantry.

    @4474 Wanted to join another clan, - then rl stuff hit, so I did not have the time to put in for them. So I wanted to come back and join in with WG when I play runescape - in the midst of moving places etc etc

    Please join our Discord server and read the #joining_wg channel to see the final step in the process. L00O00O0OOL What is your current RS name? L00O00O0OOL List any previous RS names: BOBBY$MURDA, WG God What is your total level and combat level? Tell us about your RuneScape account and history. Just been pking in singles wanting to join back in the crew and go in some multi adventures. Currently just skilling agility and goofing off on runescape. Tell us about your clan history. Wilderness Guardians Tell us about your yourself. In the Military, love to go working out and hiking for fun. Snowboarding on the weekends when its cold, and to have fun with some buddies going to music festivals etc. How did you hear about us? Hollington, known him forever - and the greasers What makes you want to join us? Wanting to join back into the WG family, and to know everyone within the clan! Just a great clan all around. Do you agree to the rules and requirements of WG and understand that this is an honour clan? Yes Come clean about anything that may deter us from accepting you: Don't have anything

    never touching this skill until its my last 99 ever..... btw selling 2k summer pies lmk

    This reminds me of this video

    l o l welcome man

    incoming chuck

    welcome mate

    i just noticed this, and this has been implemented for how long again? haha

    welcome man! Im in the army as well lol