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  1. Construction! then you can build a sick ass house for us to party in and use a gilded alter and we'll all say we're going to donate, but then we never would...man, good times to come...
  2. i like that you included a pic of your stats - good luck dude!
  3. Definitely flipping in the GE. I like to grind out levels in the most AFK way possible, and make money in the most AFK way possible, so that when I get on and play I can do the things I actually want!...like get slaughtered in the Wildy. I have been playing for maybe 3 months now and I'm up to 225Mil from the GE, barely done anything else to actually make money. Now I just keep making it while spending on whatever I want for faster skilling methods. Thinking about going for 99 Prayer as my first 99 hahaha.
  4. Welcome - I like the experience you have and the combat level helps a lot! Good luck on the application!
  5. AHHH Freaking loved this! I mean I hated that and the end I was like, "THAT'S IT!?!?" but it's still pretty freaking epic and setup the whole season really well! Anyone else here like to watch the "inside the episode" at the end? I love how it breaks things down so well.
  6. @e1rap that's an awesome pic and story bro! Thank you for your service!
  7. Hey everyone! I'm new here but thought I would share this pic from the end of my first Spartan Race I just completed a few weeks ago! This was a big deal for me as I'm never been super fit or athletic, but I set a goal, I was determined to accomplish it, and I finished strong and proud! Looking forward to my next race in July! p.s. CurlyUnicorn is my wifi password that my router came with....you can make fun of it all you want because I will change it soon
  8. @WG Twiz I sell cloud-based Payroll and HRIS Software. I used to be in Enterprise sales - now I'm in the Mid-Market and get to work locally - it's great!
  9. Please join our Discord server and read the #joining_wg channel to see the final step in the process. CurlyUnicorn What is your current RS name? CurlyUnicorn List any previous RS names: NA What is your total level and combat level? 1127 Total Level, 90 combat Tell us about your RuneScape account and history. Used to play for years as a kid, got back into it when mobile came out because I love merching/flipping at the GE. Made 150M in 2 months and I wouldn't say I'm bored, but I'm looking for something more. I don't care as much about making money, but I think PVP is really fun, yet it scares me to do it alone, so I want to join a clan. Tell us about your clan history. I have really only been a part of a clan chat about flipping on the GE - NOT a price manipulation chat, just a social chat to help each other out. Tell us about your yourself. I am a 27 year old male. I work from home as a Software Salesman, so I get to afk flip at the GE like all day. I have a wife and 2 dogs - no kids, but hopefully soon! I also love outdoor activities like offroading in my jeep, mountain biking, and OCR racing! How did you hear about us? google, other forums, reddit, recommendations What makes you want to join us? I just heard you guys really know what you're doing and accept people of all levels and account types, so I thought I might fit in well! Do you agree to the rules and requirements of WG and understand that this is an honour clan? Yes Come clean about anything that may deter us from accepting you: Used to bot back in 2006, got banned - never doing that again!
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