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Whats your favorite money making technique?


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Bossing is my go-to, Zulrah used to be my main method but now I'm doing Slayer. Demonic Gorillas are consistent and I've had 1/100 RNG for 3 Zenyte drops.


Edit: NMZ herb boxes are a good option too.

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5 hours ago, global warn said:

Revs while skulled? I may also get the required levels i think.

Yeah I go skulled. I take tent whip and regular salve, stay south and camp the dark beast and ork. Then also a rune cbow to attack other people. If i get tbed or piled, just hop over the shortcut

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On 12/19/2018 at 12:29 AM, The Cursed said:

Most people made bank from staking.

As for me, I kill dragons and do slayer for combat, do herb runs, and flip on ge.

people who get rich staking either sell or lose it in my experience :P


my gp mostly comes from bosses like cerb, also occasionally flipping and alting rune dragons

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