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  1. Nice, I've got the geekvape aegis solo at the minute since my aegis legend broke!
  2. Frequently saw you in the CC, you seem like a good dude, welcome
  3. They might need a bit more in the application, it's pretty barebones
  4. Has been helpful in CC but application is lacking
  5. Big fan of GTA online, as well as ARMA 3. Love fighting oppressors on gta online as it's so easy to kill the noobs
  6. Inaccurate, Tupac was way more widespread (and much better)
  7. Waterbirth collections are really unlikely, unless someone tasked bots to do it. Bots being tasked to do something like that is doubtful unless it really shoots up in price due to the tasks required in order to get over to Waterbirth island. This flip will be seriously long term as well as in order for the price to rise, the supply of the remenants of what people have gotten from NMZ will need to go, and I think it's really unlikely that they'll be gone any time soon.
  8. I made like 6m flipping bcps and tassets a few hours after the update even though they were dropping, good update
  9. I rebuilt using merching only, turning my 4m investment to 44m in around a month of on-and-off playing
  10. Please join our Discord server and read the #joining_wg channel to see the final step in the process. 85 Hide Dan What is your current RS name? 85 Hide Dan List any previous RS names: My name has changed so many times that I can't remember most of them, however a name I kept used up until some time in 2018 was X5S (which now belongs to someone who has a few higher levels than me!). I also have had a few HCIM alts that I usually died within the first 30 minutes of then ditched them forever. I made an RS3 ironman called "X5S Again" while I was banned (see below) which I didn't really enjoy because RS3's combat system was so foreign compared to OSRS'. What is your total level and combat level? Total level: 1415 (subject to change) Combat Level: 88.1 Tell us about your RuneScape account and history. I joined Runescape back in mid 2006 (on this account) but I had a few beforehand that I ended up quitting in one way or another (most notably an account I quit after losing my entire stack of 2k after completing Pirate's Treasure) so I've had about 12 years experience with the game. I played really really casually cause I was so young and had other responsibilities. I really enjoyed Castle Wars back then. I took part in the "Pay to PK" riots back in 2007 even though I didn't PK at all back then because my stats were shocking because I saw that the player count would really really decrease. After wilderness removal I just kept on going because it didn't really affect me. However when the "unbalanced trade limit" system was introduced and the max +/- 5% max offers in the Grand Exchange, I was really unhappy because I'd still earn money by killing green dragons or the like and would never get a "fair" price for items because you were limited at the prices you could sell stuff at. Plus it made a massive influx of scammers who'd trade items which were really inactive, but worth a large amount in sales in an attempt to scam people. It was around this time I quit for a few months because I was annoyed at the game for changing. But much like many quitting stories, it didn't last long. People always come back. Around 2010 time I got my first 99 (Cooking) and played extremely frequently, I played soul wars a lot too. I tended to go for the gamble as a money making option, and my combat skills were around about tier 75 if I recall correctly. I still played heavily until the EoC came out. The new combat system was frustrating, and not what I wanted from RuneScape. I still played a bit, but didn't really do anything except merch and occasionally boss (I didn't do so well because I didn't understand the mechanics of the new combat system) and do the upkeep on Miscellenia. Then when the poll to release OSRS came out I voted for it and eagerly watched it as it worked. Then I waited for it to be released, a week or two after it came out I started playing, and it was really nostalgic and I thoroughly enjoyed it, I began by getting a basic few levels and saw on reddit that doing clues was easy cash, so I pickpocketed HAM members for easy clues, completed them, and sold on the items I gained from this in the mass chaos of Varrock. Once I got tired of this I started training combat doing some simple slayer, and then moved onto the dark wizards outside of Varrock to get runes to sell in Varrock, then once the nostalgia wore off doing that I started doing slayer again mixing in doing easy clues. I initially only really played for the enjoyment, nostalgia, and to earn money to transfer over RS3 as I didn't really think that OSRS would last, but it has, so I transferred my RS3 cash over to OSRS. Since then I've been alternating between skilling and doing slayer in the Wilderness, but very recently I focussed mroe on doing farm runs, birdhouses, and merching as I fell for a stupid scam that took most of my cash, and I've been trying to earn it back, and I'm pretty close to my original stack. Tell us about your clan history. Only time I've been part of a team is when my friends and I did group PvM or PvP, but this was way back in the early 2010s. I was a recruit in the merching clan Smokin Mills for a month or two purely for the flipping advice and items to flip because I wanted to learn how to flip, but had no idea how. I cannot remember the dates. I know it was after merching clans weren't allowed to operate in the fashion they used to because they were essentially massive pyramid schemes (which I fell victim to), but before it died. Tell us about your yourself. I'm from England and I'm currently studying at University, in my spare time I play games like CS and RuneScape but only OSRS. I've been playing a lot of Skyrim recently as well. I also volunteer in my spare time but I've not been doing that as much as I should be due to being ill. I'm a big fan of older dance music and specific types of music. I can elaborate further but not so much on a public forum. How did you hear about us? I saw a comment on Reddit saying the CC was a good place to join to talk to people so I joined, as most other CCs are toxic What makes you want to join us? I originally joined the CC just to chat with people that seemed nice and so far everyone's been really respectful and helpful which is a massive change from the usual OSRS chat which is super toxic. I read more about the clan on this site and I really like the ideas behind it and how it's an honour based clan. I also enjoy how there's a lot of people from the UK in this clan as I can relate to them more. Do you agree to the rules and requirements of WG and understand that this is an honour clan? Yes Come clean about anything that may deter us from accepting you: Have previously been banned for botting however upon appeal, Jagex quashed the ban as it was incorrectly applied. Have been muted for scamming previously, however these mutes have all expired a long time ago and I no longer participate in this dishonest activity. My previous Runescape name was removed as it contained an inappropriate word (not a slur, or drug related, nor was it one of the really bad words, contact me for further information as I don't know if I can post it on the forums).
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