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  1. Nice, I've got the geekvape aegis solo at the minute since my aegis legend broke!
  2. Frequently saw you in the CC, you seem like a good dude, welcome
  3. They might need a bit more in the application, it's pretty barebones
  4. Has been helpful in CC but application is lacking
  5. Big fan of GTA online, as well as ARMA 3. Love fighting oppressors on gta online as it's so easy to kill the noobs
  6. Inaccurate, Tupac was way more widespread (and much better)
  7. Waterbirth collections are really unlikely, unless someone tasked bots to do it. Bots being tasked to do something like that is doubtful unless it really shoots up in price due to the tasks required in order to get over to Waterbirth island. This flip will be seriously long term as well as in order for the price to rise, the supply of the remenants of what people have gotten from NMZ will need to go, and I think it's really unlikely that they'll be gone any time soon.
  8. I made like 6m flipping bcps and tassets a few hours after the update even though they were dropping, good update
  9. I rebuilt using merching only, turning my 4m investment to 44m in around a month of on-and-off playing
  10. Please join our Discord server and read the #joining_wg channel to see the final step in the process. 85 Hide Dan What is your current RS name? 85 Hide Dan List any previous RS names: My name has changed so many times that I can't remember most of them, however a name I kept used up until some time in 2018 was X5S (which now belongs to someone who has a few higher levels than me!). I also have had a few HCIM alts that I usually died within the first 30 minutes of then ditched them forever. I made an RS3 ironman called "X5S Again" while I was banned
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