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  1. deadverb


    Welcome Andrew, good luck with your app!
  2. deadverb

    Base Gogeta

    Welcome! Searching a few hours on google made you see loads of different clans, so it was a good choice on picking WG!
  3. A pastor, seems like that's new in WG. Welcome nevertheless!
  4. Never been and will never go - in our country you may not get a loan from a bank after you have visited a casino since your name will be registered if you visit.
  5. deadverb

    [Accepted] lNHl

    Welcome back Nate!
  6. Welcome to the forums
  7. Welcome back man!
  8. Welcome Christian! Good luck with your app!
  9. deadverb

    [Accepted] Bry4n

    Hello! Good decision to finally apply - seen you lurk around .
  10. Hi, welcome Peter! What video made you want to join WG? And no worries about this intro - you can write more information when you are creating the Joining thread .
  11. Welcome Frederic! Good luck with your app!
  12. I can't get "Topped" version in my country, looks yummy - god damn shame.
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