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  1. I've struggled with depression and drug addiction for most of my life. I never really cared which drugs I did as long as I didn't have to be sober, and all that culminated in meth addiction ages 15-16, xanax and party drugs in college, and finally heroin. Now I'm 22, fully sober off everything except weed, and as happy as I've ever been. If you're struggling with addiction, just know that you are bigger than your problems and stronger than the negative influences in your life. The catalyst for change comes from inside yourself, and it's a lot easier to get better if you surround yourself with the right people.
  2. who could've guessed Torvesta doesn't know the difference between effected and affected? ....everyone
  3. I dedicate this photo to my girlfriend Letaker
  4. I'm a debt collector, I collect the money my parents owe me for being such an amazing son
  5. 9/11 is one of this century's great sources of jokes, people are too soft
  6. alcohol is involved in this thread
  7. howdy folks, I'm looking for people who run pages on Instagram for any sort of hobby, interest, business, etc. It doesn't matter how many followers you have or how popular your page is, as long as you have business tools turned on and page analytics can be viewed. This will not take more than 5-10 minutes, and I'LL PAY YOU RSGP OR VENMO YOU IF THAT'S THE MOTIVATION YOU NEED I need some information for a Marketing project for school, and if you have a few minutes of free time to help me out I'd really appreciate it! to contact me if you're interested: Instagram: ardy_nites Discord: Ardy Nites#1938 Cell Phone: 714- ... just kidding you can reply here or shoot me a message on Insta or Disc if you can help!! tyty friends
  8. ayy that's pretty cool, my fucked-up-heart-having-ass had to wear an ECG device for a couple years and it was quite fascinating
  9. I've never seen Downton Abbey, but i imagine they have names like this
  10. this is what i've been listening to while runecrafting lolll
  11. Ardy Nites

    [Accepted] OGToon

    Welcome bro! glad you see you applied sorry you had to see some negativity from a random so quickly. We joke with each other as any friends do, but there's zero room for anything like islamophobia or racism here.
  12. Welcome! better not see u saying fuck again anytime soon kiddo
  13. It's like a shitty meme page ran by a high schooler came to life to make this post
  14. good luck dude I started at 89 a couple weeks ago and i'm still only at 93
  15. So these were my stats when I applied three days before Christmas, alongside what they are now as of January 7, 2019 Total level is +20 (the first pictures factors runelite virtual levels, actually was 1955) And here is some juicy loot I've acquired 2x Ancient Relic 1x Ancient Statuette 1x Ranger's Tunic 1x Trident 1x Dragonbone Necklace 7x Abyssal Whip (not gonna upload all 7 lol) I also got this random 1m pk off a clue hunter while on my way to a rev event LOL
  16. Yeah I go skulled. I take tent whip and regular salve, stay south and camp the dark beast and ork. Then also a rune cbow to attack other people. If i get tbed or piled, just hop over the shortcut
  17. I do vorkath with dhcb, and revs... revs with 89 agility is fuckin bank bc you never die with the agility shortcut. also herb boxes from nmz every day
  18. I only graduated 4 years ago now and I still go to mine. However, I went to a tiny private school and my graduating class was only 26 students so a "reunion" is more like dinner with friends lol
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