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  1. @Mojo Osrs is designed and succeeds because it remains largely, and for the most part, the same as it was in its golden age. This is why in this context a minority rule is a good thing. You can only make so many changes before you end up with a new product. Not saying any change is bad but, if there is to be a change, bit should be agreed on by a heavy majority of the game's players.
  2. hahaha, maybe. was it like raids?
  3. My initial thought is that summoning made exp rates sky-rise which resulted in less pride when attaining 99 in other skills: it also made attaining items easier so the value of items dropped as well. This is the first and most important example that comes to mind. But, you may have a further point, Mojo. Perhaps it is not only the 'we need more skills attitude' that ruined the game for me since the interface/display/playing experience of rs3 also leaves a bad taste in my mouth. This leads me to recognize that perhaps I really am hesitant to vote yes to any big changes because they can snowball into the creation of a game which i don't like from one which I love. I know this is not inevitable but I watched it happen and I am worried it will again. Call me old fashioned (or illogical for falling to the slippery slope fallacy) because I am irrationally scared of change, but I watched a game I love die (to me) only to be resurrected thru osrs. I believe Jagex is adding skills primarily for new players; to gain a larger player base. Profit rules and more players equals more money. But, osrs was brought back because players respond to the simplistic format of the older game. Why? I have no clue and can only guess. Therefore, too many changes can lead to less rather than more players(even if these same players who end up leaving initially thought they wanted the changes only to find they didnt after its too late). <--This is one reason I think the polls should have less questions because it is difficult for the average player to do the background reading for every question being polled. My personal belief is that the formula for the perfect game has already been found in osrs. Further tampering is only going to get away from the heart of what old school scapers respond to. As I said above, add new content thru the skills already in-game; add more armor, weapons, spells; take them out if they are broken, but don't reshape the game by adding more skills for the sake of novel material to promote in order to get more players to play osrs for a month or 2 before they leave for the next game. The rs2 I knew did not have any of these skills except for summoning; I quit around the time dungeoneering was being released.
  4. I hope not; one vote, one chance. It becomes a dance of 'who is willing to buy more votes' if it keeps going to the polls. Tbh, i am kinda upset to see how many ppl support this skill for one, and, for two, the idea of more skills. I honestly believe the 'more skills better game' mentality was the fall of rs3. History repeats itself. It will take a major break in the game for me to support a new skill. Plz, add more content to the established skills and don't try ruining a good thing.
  5. this can be accomplished with adding more armor w/o new skill; plus, magic buff can be done with new spells or items. why introduce a new skill?
  6. voted no and will vote no on almost any conceivable proposed skill. Did anyone who voted yes play rs2 before rs3? this "might be cool" attitude is why we are all playing osrs and not rs3.
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