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  1. hell yeah good luck on the app bro !
  2. ahhhhhaha you went in those pumpkins are dope as ffffffff
  3. welcome, nice app you got there !
  4. welcome bro! great application and good luck man
  5. welcome and gl man !
  6. welcome dude and dad hitmum chill ass dude, glad to hear he has a brother that plays and hes a pker ! gl brobro
  7. welcome bro, a little more detail would brighten the app up but good luck
  8. HAMMA

    Diary Cape!

    i could never see myself even getting the quest cape, big ups man shit takes patience !
  9. yeah for sure i agree its fun in masses, but fanatic is 1/1000 for pet shit is crazy
  10. thats one of the recent pets ive been going after and it gets annoying after awhile banking every 10 kills or so w the summer pies being such shit
  11. gl dude and nice 12-13 years
  12. lucky i cant even get one pet ive tried my rng is shit for pets
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