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  1. Welcome! That a lot of bonds =P
  2. welcome mate =D always good to see a solid pker application; best of luck !!
  3. this URL triggers me. They don't need to add the "wow" bit in "wowclassic". It's clearly in the first bit of the link. Write em a letter, Mojo!
  4. i played a few times and have always wanted to get into it; had a few friends who played religiously though ahahh
  5. man, been a bit since i logged into WOW; let me know what its like and i might meet a few of you out there to give it a shot !!
  6. welcome mate !! you into online chess? could always use someone to play with =D
  7. welcome! might wanna put a little more effort into your application if you are serious in joining. Check out some of the old apps to see what we are looking for =D Good luck
  8. welcome mate !! look forward to sweeping revs with ya soon; best of luck =D
  9. welcome !! and thanks for the love =D
  10. Welcome mate! Great app and good luck =D
  11. welcome and good luck! great app =D
  12. Doc Cassidy

    Adult Cat

    welcome back Cat !!
  13. good luck bro! keep grinding so you can clap some sweaty nerd cheeks in the money caves with us =D
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