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  1. That's a pretty good filled app, it's nice to see you around and good luck on your app ~
  2. Ohhhhh, that so hated "eoc".. Yeh, I get the idea, glad I never played rs3 tbh
  3. What does "mtx" goes for? I'm quite the ignorant on this topic.
  4. Funny to know that I noticed this like 3 hours after I posted, just because I was sooooo drunk on anti-allergics yesterday lmaoooo.. Kill me
  5. Oh wow, that's some incredible backgroung that you have over there sir. I hope I get to know you better in the future, and welcome back to your home! (and thanks for creating it to be mine too) ~
  6. This guy just said Slayer as favorite? Get him right to Guardian plox... Good luck on your app and welcome!
  7. Heeeey nice app! Make sure to follow up with an App Manager soon bro, welcome to the family ~
  8. Guisep69

    [Accepted] Zeldan

    Welcome Derek! Glad to see you, good luck with your app
  9. Heey amazing app and history on the game, I hope to see you in and learn a bit from all your experience!.. Welcome to the clan ~
  10. Guisep69

    [Declined] Zerxces

    Nice app Armando! Welcome and good luck on getting accepted! ~
  11. Guisep69

    Hacked to Stacked

    Guess that was the point, to get again through all the hassle.. Good luck on this new gameplay and have lots of fun Davery!
  12. Hey! Welcome and good luck with your app!
  13. Nice application Chris! And I'm glad you got it better after the observations the others gave you. I hope to see you more frecuently on the CC since it would be nice to get to know you while waiting the acceptation. Good luck and welcome ~
  14. Welcome to the forum! Good luck with your app ~
  15. Guisep69

    [Accepted] Keekeee

    Heey! I see you got fixed the runes and reqs, nice. Good luck with your app and welcome!
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