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  1. Tasikaa

    [Declined] ste v0

    Gl with app mate! I hope to see u in the clan!
  2. Nice app mate! I hope to see you in the clan!
  3. Good luck with your app mate! I hope see ya in the clan!
  4. Good luck with the app mate! Hopefully see ya in the clan!
  5. Good luck with application mate. Hopefully see ya in the clan!
  6. I listen to Myths and Legends, Reply All and, of course, TED
  7. Atanasije (go to google translate searbian, bosnian or croatian to hear how to pronounce)
  8. I never understood, what that f respect means?
  9. Nintendo DS XD, but ps4 is my choice if nintendo ds just vanish from world
  10. What you guys think,how much money do they gave him?
  11. xbl: tasa011 steam: kachamak90 minecraft (don't blame me, it is my brother who forced my, and then i got atached): Tasa
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