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  1. @father4skin he also said he'd wax you 1v1 NHing btw, get him in here! GL Piker
  2. GL GL bro! i cant even wooxwalk on pc lmaooo
  3. as long as you stay away from @Gwap Gang you'll be safe, welcome!
  4. AgroDwarf

    [Accepted] EXE4

    Welcome my mans bro!! glglgl
  5. Welcome and goodluck!!!
  6. Welcome my manz!!
  7. i meant what town, but we've figured that out lol
  8. what county? i live in bergen, chief of bergen is my uncle lol
  9. GL brother! welcome
  10. welcome welcome, GL!
  11. had to withdraw btw if you havent noticed, friend needed his gear back for something else rip LOL
  12. Welcome and goodluck brother!
  13. Welcome and goodluck brother!
  14. AgroDwarf

    [Accepted] not 22

    Let's get it bro! GL
  15. Welcome and goodluck brother!
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