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  1. if you ever use that term again around me ill murder you and your family
  2. right now I bounce back between Texas during the week and Oklahoma on the weekends until I land this new job haha so on weekends I spend with the kidds and wifey
  3. For me its Fishing lol even though ill argue with everyone I know that im better than them i need to step up my game IRL and get ready for this spring bass season haha
  4. its more effort but you can also try using the "Snip" tool never had an issue using it for size before
  5. talk about coming "Clean" you better take a shower and about time you applied lol
  6. they are gonna butcher PVP just like when they destroyed free trading lmfao. I am no expert PKer by any means but the only ones trying to benefit from PVMing honestly if they do not like getting killed they shouldn't be out there
  7. Please join our Discord server and read the #joining_wg channel to see the final step in the process. XxBlieksxX What is your current RS name? XxBlieksxX List any previous RS names: my old account was "g3tfck3d" but I decided to start over with a new account just was unhappy with its stats and progress I was making. and also wanted to re-learn the game since im coming back from not playing for about 2 years. What is your total level and combat level? My Total Level = 1101 Combat Level = 89.275 I have only been playing this account for ab
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