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  1. Soz man don't wanna get banned
  2. How are you holding up? Anything you need to get off your chest? yes Or maybe something amazing has happened to you recently and you want to brag about it. no
  3. https://www.amazon.co.uk/CORSAIR-M65-Pro-RGB-Adjustable/dp/B01D63UU52 been using this for 4 years, no complaints, lovely mouse to use and you can take out the weights inside if you're more comfortable with a less weighty mouse
  4. Welcome to the forums mate
  5. Yo Scott welcome to the forums
  6. Hey welcome to the forums
  7. Hits the nail on the head, its fun to watch other people do because you get some 2nd hand excitement and you don't lose either way, but I stay tf away from it personally unless its an occasionally very small spend
  8. I've just spent 1h43 watching this entire video and didn't skip any of it, so thought there may be people here who might not have heard about this yet. Solid watch
  9. Welcome, looks like you joined for similar reasons to lots of us
  10. Man you got this so quickly! Huge congratulations
  11. Hey Doyle welcome to the forums
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