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  1. Stevn is just in honour my RL name's Jamie
  2. Berries, in. FR though this looks great I'd smother the mother out of that with cream personally
  3. Welcome to the forums bro
  4. Welcome to the forums Dug
  5. Welcome to the forums
  6. My chill out game atm is Forza Horizon 4, FH4 is awesome So well optimised. I nearly completed RDR2 on PC but restarted it so I can enjoy a certain period that i wouldn't want to spoil, been playing that since just before christmas on/off when I fancy that particular immersion and its amazing on PC, well optimised by now, haven't bothered with the online after seeing what GTAV became lol. If I feel creative I play Oxygen Not Included or Factorio but I haven't played them quite so much lately as I've spent more time on RS during lockdown. tried getting into MC but it never holds my attention Would recommend Doki Doki literature club to anyone with a few hours to spare wanting a free interesting game to play though
  7. Legend has it he is still trying to sell his 90 sth 70 mage pure
  8. StevnHawking


    Welcome to the forums bro I would try and elaborate on your app a bit
  9. Hello Incursus and welcome to the forums
  10. Hello Avoir welcome to the forums
  11. Twin pking with my mate in like 07, same names except I was double spaced (back when you could have loads of spaces in names and lookup addons didn't exist lol!) Pking west green drags as a pure in 2016 and killing a guy in full black dhide and him dropping ~30mil cash stack (still find this unbelievable) I did exactly this at 13/14 hahahaha, pretty sure I even scored a cute rsgf with a white scarf at one point due to my crazy swag
  12. StevnHawking


    Welcome Dylan, IRL bounty hunter
  13. I am glad my joining has coincided with your return - you're one of the oldest names I remember in RS! Also a classical music fan so hopefully your return is in game as well as forums!
  14. I remember doing this! For me I get burnt out easily if I lose momentum so I just go CW bank zoomed alllllll the way in
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