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  1. Atellum

    Patiently waiting for it
  2. Atellum

    GZ on this nice loot
  3. Atellum

    Welcome man! Wont regret joining
  4. Atellum

    They forgot about me
  5. Atellum

    240SX, Definately
  6. Nice man! keep up the work!
  7. Atellum

    Good old xp waste
  8. Atellum

    Csure da man! welcom bro
  9. Atellum

    Got 2 Gos D'atura (catalan shepherd), a dachshund and a cat. This fills the house pretty much lol Isn’t this a cool dachshund?
  10. Atellum

    Ok so to sum my range up... I got a S13 for drifts, with a CA18DET (this is real MAN stuff, SR20DET is for pussy's) Got a patrol R 3.3TD lifted, sitting on 40" wich I use offroad. Building a '91 Suzuki Samurai with 3 link front/4 link rear air suspension. And some kind of old 2007 Mercedes C class 220CDI as daily driver
  11. Atellum

    Thanks Wagered and Choco
  12. Atellum

    Thanks everyone! Enjoyed the little DK's trip yesterday with B4ngbroz, Misdeal, and Jagered
  13. Atellum

    nice Awesome things to pass boring time lol