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  1. Happy to see ya return to WG brother!
  2. Can't wait to see you out pking with us, man!
  3. I’d like to push for nightmare/pnm or cgauntlet
  4. Welcome to WG, bro! Don’t forget to put in an app review request on discord after the 24 hrs.
  5. Welcome to WG! You’ll definitely get your fill of both pvm and PvP here. We’ve got elite players on both ends of the board.
  6. Good God, I remember the old Off or Die in rev caves. Bringing back some nostalgic memories of the macers flooding the rev caves with mithril flowers after a big ass smite. Welcome to WG, brother. You’ll enjoy it here and maybe we can try and get a mace team together like smoke’s been planning since there’s now a couple more with experience coming along.
  7. Awesome application, man. Would love to see ya around.
  8. Welcome back, man! Don’t forget to fill out the application since it’s more formal to rejoin the clan. Takes all of 60 seconds
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