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  1. Renikins

    I'm not that crazy lol. Here's all elites: Also most are attainable with a +5 boost as well.
  2. Renikins

    Good luck man! This is the guide I followed to get the top xp rates:
  3. Renikins

    Welp that's what grinding out master clue steps and elite diary reqs does to a man. Should also be getting 2k total with this max cmb grind. after I finish the max combat grind and 89 agility it's probably gonna be getting all elite diaries done.
  4. Renikins

    I've moved onto prayer and gonna finish up with magic. Should be done before the end of February.
  5. Renikins

    I did long range chinning since I still had def levels left to go. This also means I would be able to pick up prayer pots from the ground without missing ticks which won't be the case with rapid chinning. I did a bit of rapid chinning at level 96 range and I was getting around 680k - 700k exp an hour. Trick is to repot about every 5 levels as it makes a big difference and make sure to just run back and forth every attack. Gear was full elite void, pegasians, archers, anguish, assembler and twisted buckler. I better be.
  6. Renikins

    But I can still hit a shot. Only 3 left till I've got all combats maxed. Slowly getting there
  7. Renikins

    Welcome man. Seen you around in the cc a bit already. Glad to see you join us.
  8. Renikins

    Yeah we do learner raids practically weekly. so we definitely provide the option, haven't tried to raid outside of those events yet though as I want to practice a bit more.
  9. Renikins

    Welcome dude, glad to have you join us. Hope we haven't killed you too much out in the rev caves. Furthermore good luck with the app proces
  10. Renikins

    Welcome and good luck with the application. Also damn Gunz the duel, now that is a name I haven't heard in ages.
  11. Renikins

    Welcome man, good to see even our applicants are already recruiting people. Hope to see you join us on our pk trips soon.
  12. Renikins

    Well a lot of the better consistent money makers are solo bosses like vorkath and zulrah. Outside of that for a bit more socialising during content I like doing some group gwd or corp beast as I hate grinding the solo money makers. Truth is PVM is a very broad concept. If you want some actual challenge? Yeah you should be doing ToB or if you want to work up to that do some CoX. Looking at your stats however, just focus on levelling up right now and enjoy the grind. Hell if you wanna get into making a bit of profit get into slayer and train your stats up that way. Once your higher levelled there are plenty of opportunities to go on pvm trips with clan mates. Not just that but a good number of solo bosses are locked behind slayer as well
  13. Renikins

    Not looking forward to spending 55m, but hey it's for a good cause.
  14. Renikins

    Welcome back! Hope the pc troubles have been sorted and that you'll be able to participate in the clan events now.