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  1. Renikins

    Why the fuck did I suddenly get tagged in this. I am so confused.
  2. Renikins

    Picture taken today, super blurry (unfortunately or luckily for you however you look at it.) Myself on the left with my brother in law as we were out eating for my mothers birthday.
  3. Absolutely ridiculous. Gave up any possible prospects at any higher level decent job with high pay. Just because he saw a get rich quick scheme in which he would almost definitely eventually get caught on.
  4. Renikins

    Congratulations! Now just git gud and finish the fire cape.
  5. Renikins

    Welcome man, did some corp with ya earlier. Good to see you apply.
  6. Renikins

    Normal sized hands, just botched perspective it seems.
  7. Renikins

    Rich get richer. Congrats man !
  8. Renikins

    Happy birthday eh!
  9. Renikins

    So 36k exp away from 80 agility:
  10. Renikins

    Picture of when I went to visit my gf in sweden a few weeks back: And here is me clumsily holding my godchild the day after she was born:
  11. Renikins

    Welcome, nice and fleshed out app. Also pineapple on pizza is indeed a crime.
  12. Renikins

    Yeah talked with you in edge after the pk trip. Thanks for the application.
  13. Renikins

    Welcome my dude. Nice to see some well filled out answers. Good to see someone interested in more clan pking as well.
  14. Renikins

    Welcome back, hope you remember to graduate this time.