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Favorite Version of your Country's National Anthem


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Coming from Iran, we've had several different national anthems depending on the dynasty and later, after the revolution. I'm unsure of the exact origins of the song as some say it was the anthem pre-islamic revolution while others say it was created for the islamic republic. Either way, just listening to it gives me an indescribable patriotic feeling even though I was  neither born nor lived in Iran. We have quite a few different nationalities in the clan so I'd like to know your favorite iteration of your country's national anthem and the reason behind it. 




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The US national anthem is always bad ass, but one of my favorite renditions is Jimi Hendrix doing it at woodstock. It's a very unique take on the anthem and it's a really iconic moment for the nation because of the protests of the war in Vietnam at the time. If you haven't seen it you should watch it.




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