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  1. Genesis


    Welcome aboard my guy
  2. Genesis

    [Accepted] Ovee

    Welcome back bud
  3. After messing up and not resetting the door before my last inventory, and having to go all the way back through Underground Pass, MEP2, completed.
  4. Genesis


    Hey bud, as nice as it is to see a new face, your application seems to be severely lacking. Have a look at previous accepted applications to get an idea of how long it should be. You don't have to give us personal info, but tell us some more about yourself in one way or another
  5. Heya, love the app! I'm sure you'll enjoy your time with us. We do everything you enjoy and some of us have ironmen in the works too. Looking forward to seeing you around more often
  6. Genesis

    2b 1w

    Hey bud, glad to have you with us. There's always room for solid pkers and a hunger for bossing
  7. 70 mining, completed. Decided to skip on the d pick cuz too many pkers around.
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