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Read Before You Join - Rules, Rights and Honour Code

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Rules, Requirements and What To Expect


Thank you for showing interest in our great clan.

Outlined below is everything you need to know about WG.

The summary is required reading. It's important to know what to expect before joining. 


Level Requirements: None

Suggested for PvM: 100+ Combat.

Suggested for PvP: 110+ Combat with 85+ Ranged and Magic. 


Since 2003, the Wilderness Guardians have been an honour clan. This means we respect the integrity of the game, we respect others, recognising there is a human behind the screen and we show respect to other clans. All scammers are reported to RS Justice and RuneWatch.


We expect a good level of community activity from those joining us. Members should be actively following unread content on these boards as well as using Discord and WG_CC, our Clan Chat.

You may not join other PvP clans. If you join other PvP teams or non-PvP clans we will uphold our usual activity standards and carefully track your progress.


Upon posting your application you will be asked to wait for 48 hours to allow you to integrate with our community and get to know our members a little better (and vice versa). It is then your responsibility to contact an Application Manager or Leader.

Upon joining you will then have three weeks to graduate to our full member rank. You will receive all the required information when you join.


If you've read up to this point feel free to proceed with your application to join our community.


Full Rules, Honour Code and Members Rights

As follows are the full rules, honour code and members rights of WG. This is strongly suggested reading and regardless of whether you've read it, all rules apply to you.





Obey The RuneScape Rules

  • The clan is famous for its integrity and is trusted by Jagex, and we ask your help in keeping our honourable reputation intact.
  • We are particularly strict on botting, real-world trading (except bonds) and scamming (including scamming non-clan members). Please do not do any of these things as it can lead to expulsion.
  • In certain rare cases, rule-breaking must be facilitated, specifically in the case where clan members are in fact encouraged to advertise our forums in-game. Due to our healthy relationship with Jagex, encouraging people to find WG externally will not lead to any blemish on your account.



Show Courtesy At All Times

  • This means no flaming, spamming or begging. Trolling the forums and excessive negativity is particularly frowned upon.
  • Courtesy must also be shown to non-clan members, INCLUDING clans and individuals who have flamed or baited us.
  • We celebrate equality and diversity and do not permit racist or homophobic remarks, even in jest.
  • If a person offends you, and you insult them back, you will both be held accountable regardless of who started it.
  • Some members are more sensitive than others; before joking at them, be sure they are comfortable with it
  • If a guest joins our public Discord channel or Clan Chat, please do acknowledge them.
  • Any actions which may cause harm to our name and reputation, especially in public, will not be tolerated. This includes skull tricking, including outside of WG events.



Do Not Compromise The Clan's Privacy

  • Do not publicly talk about sensitive clan information such as event times or material from private forums. The most common public interfaces are #wg_lobby on Discord and wg_cc on RS.
  • You are responsible for your forum, Discord and RuneScape accounts, even when it has been used by someone else. If someone uses your account to spy on WG, you are accountable.
  • Assume private conversations are confidential unless all participants consent to share it.
  • Do not invite people to our private events without the agreement of the event's leader.



Final decision-making power belongs to the Clan Leaders

  • Our leaders are very respectful to their members, but please follow their instructions when asked.
  • All non-leader ranks are equal; a higher member rank (eg. Elite Guardian) does not have authority over lower ranks (eg. Initiate Guardian).
  • Eventmasters have authority over Warlords in non-wilderness events, and vice-versa in wilderness events.
  • All decisions are made by the Leaders and advised by the members and majority does not rule.



WG Should Be Highly Prioritised

  • You may not join other PvP Clans.
  • If you wish to join a PvP team please consult a Leader. It may be allowed in some circumstances.
  • You may join other non-PvP clans and teams if you maintain good activity in accordance with the other rules.



Attend events on a regular but casual basis

  • The usual policy of this clan is that you can choose your level of commitment, and attend what you like.
  • Periods of inactivity are fine, but please post a notification topic so that you are not caught in one of our regular inactivity sweeps.



You Must Be in Regular Contact With The Clan

  • As a general rule, it is a good idea to visit the forums daily to check for major announcements. If you cannot afford this time, twice a week is adequate.
  • If you are unable to view the clan's forums twice a week, you should post a topic of inactivity to say so. This inactivity must be short-term (usually no longer than a month).
  • Members should try their best to join "WG_CC" while playing. If you're in another clan requiring CC then you should be checking Discord more frequently than usual.
  • Do your very best to make a habit of also joining the clan's Discord server when you are playing RuneScape.


Honour Code


A special subset of rules for our PvP events.

You are also urged (but not required) to follow our code of honour on your own, outside of clan events.
We believe that we must embody the behaviour of the PKing community as we wish to see it.
Furthermore, as a clan, we show honour even to those who treat us dishonourably, and we are renowned for our integrity. 


Guardians must not verbally abuse another player

  • Tensions run high in the wilderness and PKers can be rude, but WG members always speak respectfully and never slander other individuals or clans in the wilderness or on public message boards.
  • This rule tests even the nicest members, so please do not underestimate what we ask of you when everyone else behaves rudely.



This clan will never crash a planned fight

  • Fights between clans can get easily ruined by crashers. We don't like it happening to our wars, so we would never do it to anybody else.
  • If two clans meet by coincidence, we are able to join in. However, telling the difference between a skirmish and a planned fight is difficult and best left up to the warlords.



We do not spy on other clans

  • Spies create distrust and hurt a clan's community. It has happened to us and we would not wish it on another clan.
  • There is one exception. If we are being spied on and our events are getting crashed, we will send a "counter-spy" as a last resort to try and weed out our spy.
  • Scouting the wilderness with low-level accounts is not considered spying



Guardians must adhere to the agreed rules of a planned fight

  • Sometimes new members may accidentally break rules (usually by running out of bounds or bringing a prohibited item), and we are usually lenient with this, but as you accumulate experience you will be expected to strictly honour the rules of the fight. They are there for fairness.
  • If the other clan cheats, we do not cheat back; we continue fighting honourably. If their cheating gives the opponent too big an advantage, we simply walk away from the battle.



Guardians must not flee a battle

  • In many situations, the outcome of a fight can be determined by a single member, and fleeing a battle is betraying your clan. If we are vastly overpowered, a warlord may call a retreat. Until the retreat is called, assume that we are engaging the opponent.
  • In planned fights, retreats are never permitted as it is usually a fight to the last person standing.



All members must wear appropriate PKing equipment

  • "Welfare PKers" who wear cheap equipment with high damage (also known as "raggers") are very annoying to encounter in the wilderness, and we do not endorse this behaviour. When we are in the wilderness and another PKer kills us, they should be rewarded for their risk.
  • More importantly, "ragging" makes the clan weaker in battle and our members will die faster. A strong clan is a well-equipped clan.
  • If attacked by "raggers", we usually leave the area promptly as there is little to nothing to be gained from killing them.



OPTIONAL: We do not kill non-PKers in the wilderness

  • The clan has a very old (13 years) policy of anti-RPKing (ARPK), which means killing only other PKers and leaving everyone else alone. However, current Wilderness activity prevents us from enacting this policy. There are simply too few clans out there.
  • The policy was originally implemented to encourage fairness as skillers and PvMers are grossly overpowered by clans, and best left to solo PKers (for the benefit of the "food chain")
  • Occasionally a Raid leader may decide to implement this policy. Assume that it is not in operation unless it is made clear that it is.
  • Outside of events you may kill PvMers/skillers.



OPTIONAL: Share loot from your kills

  • Bringing down a player in the wilderness is usually a team effort, and we expect you to divide your kill according to what you think is fair.
  • You may keep all the loot if you wish, but remember that this will make people reluctant to share their kills with you in the future. Our clan operates best when we share.
  • We very strongly suggest that if everyone were to get 1m or more from a kill split that you split it between the clan, giving more to the TBer than others.


Members Rights


You have certain rights that nobody can take away from you.
Despite the rules mentioned above, there are things that a leader cannot restrict.
You will have these rights at all times.



You May Speak Against The Leadership

  • If you don't like what the leaders are doing, you will never be punished for saying so. We will not show bias against you on a professional level if you speak out, as long as you are polite. If you flame, this breaches our rule about showing courtesy.



You Are Able To Leave The Clan At Any Time

  • We cannot stop you from leaving, and if you choose to leave, we will remove you from our memberlist.
  • Once you post a leaving topic, you are given three days to reconsider or follow through. Advisors and Leaders must post two weeks notice before they resign.



You May Refuse To Attend An Event

  • All events are optional. 
  • You will never be forced to sacrifice your real life commitments for this clan.
  • You may also leave an event at any time. However, you have to have been part of the event for a reasonable amount of time to be counted in attendance



You Will Never Be Forced To Donate Anything

  • WG will never demand you give GP or IRL money.
  • However, you are required to have the appropriate equipment for an event. If you don't have the necessary equipment, you may be excluded from the event



We Cannot Make You Choose Your Friends

  • You may be friends with whoever you wish, including enemies of the clan.
  • However, we ask that you be extremely careful not to leak them any sensitive information.


For further clarification on these rules, please consult a Leader or Advisor via these forums or Discord.

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