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Road to pet..... or 1000 emblems

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14 hours ago, jaredspurr said:

rip hope your still going strong on that safe spot i taught you 😃 good luck homie who will get pet first you or me at chaos ele lol


7bd7193408ee94d87d7a3d78d295ec2c.png well, I just got my first ring drop at 1610 kc lol .... I hope I have better pet rng!

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last I remember I think I'm on 1300kc at vorky, I am planning on starting up a grind there again soon, maybe when I've finished venny

b2a3cc27a12ce144c4c9602b5623fce6.png Another pickaxe to the collection, coming dangerously close to pet kc without :/ 



What do you guys think will I get it? 

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