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  1. Drubbz

    [Accepted] IGotADHD

    As long as you dont swear you will do well here. Joining the Elite ranks of WG will send you in the right direction on your adventure. Best wishes and good luck
  2. Welcome! I remember your name from rev caves
  3. I've quit RuneScape multiple times. Two months ago I only had 32days played since day of release, when I started on osrs. Usually when I'm not playing runescape I watch a lot of Netflix or play a lot of Xbox. I've had months where my pc didn't even turn on because I had no interest. wither way in still a nerd
  4. Welcome! Great application btw
  5. Drubbz

    [Accepted] spzl

    Nobody else noticed he said no to the rules and requirments spot? Man you gotta update and say yes to that rules and requirements part!
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