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    New England patriots all Day!!!
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    I've quit RuneScape multiple times. Two months ago I only had 32days played since day of release, when I started on osrs. Usually when I'm not playing runescape I watch a lot of Netflix or play a lot of Xbox. I've had months where my pc didn't even turn on because I had no interest. wither way in still a nerd
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    Welcome man!
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    Welcome! Great application btw
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    Nobody else noticed he said no to the rules and requirments spot? Man you gotta update and say yes to that rules and requirements part!
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    Haven't updated in a few days, just got level 80construction and built an obelisk and a regular jewelry box in my POH. Also completed dragon slayer and grim tales so I'm ready for macing events. Won't be attending another mace event until I'm 1750 total because they split seperate now and last event they camped the 1750 worlds for a third of the trip so I spent a lot of time idle for no reason. So once I am 1750 total I will be attending again for some bank loot since the beginning of this blog I've been making money mostly from pking with the clan. But so far my bank has increased 30m even after all the skills I've completed. Spent nearly 25m so far on construction and 10m on prayer. My my next goal is 90 defense and 99hp. I'm going to train through slayer whenever possible, bursting tasks when I. An for magic xp. Time to invest in a master wand. I'm close to 85 slayer as well so hopefully I can get some whips on my way once I get the level. I will post pictures later today!
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    Pre eoc I think I had 6fire capes and one kiln cape, which was the infernal equivalent back then you show them fargorn! Hahahah i got 2 fire capes on osrs both done first try