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Road to pet..... or 1000 emblems

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So lately I've been doing a lot of wildy slayer primarily aiming to get spider tasks so that I can take on Venenatis in hope of riches as well as baby Venny to add to my pet collection! atm I have just hit 900 Kc and thought I would start a forum to showcase my rare drops, their kc and other interesting things that happen during my time killing Venenatis 


My challenge is to get the Venny pet or reach 1000 mysterious emblems (whatever comes first) whenever I get the chance I kill Venny in the BH world as the mysterious emblems are a 1/5drop and are currently priced at around 150k which is b0nk loot

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Here is some of my recent D pick rng! :D 4 dragon picks in about 150 kills, this was after getting only 2 d picks in 800 kills! 


2a83c10b21a8e281aa095ed05bae956b.png  8ff37430ff59b8b3b567e75ce5433492.png  







i haven't screenshotted all my onyx bolt drops as there can be fairly common but b2b was very nice, especially with a cheeky emblem too!


a4be7248848f1acbb751be1485b7b52c.png Not the most recent snaps I got, but I am about 300-400 kills dry of some snaps!

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4 hours ago, WG Fargorn said:

I want to see the full loot tab scotty, not just the highlights! :P 

full loot pic so far will be posted shortly good sir ;)

7 hours ago, suffud said:

Solid goal mate, if you ever need a hand with a Pker and a few of us are on you have my sword/bow/axe whatever helps. 

i bumped into that guy again last night however this time he didn't attack me ahah 


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The loot above was before our sexy trip Obama❤️  The looties below is from our cheeky couple of trips yesterday haha :D

 b2a08306e77a5265f195436e0c3723e4.png  20342fbd8d29b5b6853ecbbe585cd1e5.png  




 8b93e74ec5d257d096572533d463de59.png c8b7e81ee6a336828658e87a75018236.png LOOK AT THIS STRING OF DISGUSTING RNG DELIVERED TO ME BY OBAMA JOINING ME FOR SOME DUO! (there was another snap drop at around 1075 which I didn't screenshot) I was so dry for snaps it was about time!


In addition, I went back for another couple of kills after out trip and....... 


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Thought id post an updated loot screenshot before I head away on holiday for a week, some serious gains in a very short amount of time with another 3 snaps and 3 d picks in 50 kills :D




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