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  1. Tnx Obama

    poiuyt415 stole my RNG to make this loot go over 100m, please ban
  2. Tnx Obama

    Meme not stronq enough
  3. Tnx Obama

  4. Tnx Obama

    Good luck on the application! How do you enjoy the noodicle? We have PvM and PvP events all the time, sounds like your RS life might get a bit more moist!
  5. Tnx Obama

    N64 was probably my favorite old school system, tons of fun games
  6. Tnx Obama

    Welcome, fresh start is always fun... A few months ago I was power training on chickens and collecting all the feathers lol
  7. Tnx Obama

  8. Tnx Obama

    It's in Russian, obvious trump troll
  9. Tnx Obama

    First 99 I get is always strength
  10. Tnx Obama

    Welcome! If I may ask, what exactly do you disagree with in terms of the rules and requirements?
  11. Tnx Obama

    Welcome and GL. I have 2 70+lbs dogs, sometimes I wish I had Pomeranian, then again, I don't want to accidentally step on them.
  12. Tnx Obama

    Gurt, my man! Thank you for putting so much effort into the application! Based on your activity in the CC it seemed like you would. Stay active and keep on trucking brother!
  13. Tnx Obama

    Welcome, good luck on the app!
  14. Tnx Obama

    Hello and Welcome
  15. Tnx Obama

    Good luck on the application my man