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Ghost Sabre

Baby Zerker

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Starting up a 50 attack zerker! It has some random defense xp so I won't do Olaf's quest, between a rock, or holy grail.


Final Stats at 85 Combat


50 Attack

93 Strength

45 Defense

45 Prayer

95 Ranged

95 Magic

91 Hitpoints


Gettin it ready in F2P for now... Soon I'll be going for Barrows gloves, getting fire cape and torso along the way. Probably PK along the way with lower stats just for fun. :P 


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Took like 3-4 weeks break. Got P2P again recently so starting back up again! Currently the goal is to finish up barrows gloves. 151 quest points at the moment! Just need to do a couple of quests/diaries for xp lamps to finish off 48 agility for Monkey RFD subquest and then bang out the rest of the quest points required. I'm only doing quests that are useful for pking or passive/daily moneymaking so I'm skipping a lot of the easy QPs... might take me a little longer since I'm very busy with work lately too. :P



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On 4/24/2019 at 1:54 AM, Jtothean said:

Good luck with the next goals man, looking good so far



Got 80 str last night afking crabs during the pk trip and after todays trip I went and got the rune defender!!! Pretty close to barrows gloves got several more quests to do... and need to do some Barb Assault but i haven't done it in like 10 years...



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