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Favorite shows?

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So I recently finished a show on Netflix called Into The Night. I'd say it's now my favorite show. Into The Night is a Netflix exclusive from Belgium, and it has an English dub. Basically due to a massive polar shift in the sun, sunlight kills everyone that's exposed to it, forcing survivors on an airplane to have to keep flying through the night away from the sunlight until they can find a safe place, only stopping briefly for fuel and supplies wherever they can land. It's AMAZING and a season 2 is coming soon. Some other shows I enjoy are Beastars, Hazbin Hotel, Beavis & Butt-head, Trailer Park Boys, Criminal Minds, Jackass, and more. I haven't seen the TV show of Jackass in many years though. I watch the movies now and then. What shows do you like? Movies are fine too if you're not into shows.

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