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  1. I know cattails through ct, just passively. Good luck getting in!
  2. Good luck joining
  3. Most of our members hang out in closed cc btw @Bericsen so open cc is not an accurate representation
  4. Good luck again!
  5. Hello and Welcome good luck with the application thimby
  6. cuteness overload
  7. Sorry for killing you dude Welcome to the forums and good luck joining!
  8. Hello Kas and welcome Good luck joining! Our app managers will help you get in, don't forget to download discord and msg on of them in 2 days!
  9. Hello and welcome! Good luck joining
  10. Lol just let this man in already he is a blooded greaser! But polish be a good lad and make the app managers happy eh.
  11. Excuse me my gore. Could you post your gear setup? I need something that isn’t void. Lol
  12. Was really hoping to have mobile by the time the wifey pops out the child. Gg jagex.
  13. Ooo hallo. Good luck joining dude message me in discord if you have any issues! Otherwise see you in wg_cc
  14. Hello and welcome Sorry we greased ya.
  15. Welcome back, and nice to meet you
  16. Haha hello fellow Canuck! Sorry about the whole killing thing eh lol.
  17. Holy shit, sounds like a huge addition to the crew.
  18. Creepy...lol Welcome?
  19. Sweet free place to stay in caliiii
  20. As much as we all want to think RS IS LIFE, truth is, most of the clan are actually quite successful/productive people. I have heard that some of us have wives/kids. Others are pursing masters and PHds. I am looking to put faces to some of the names around here. I am also eager to see how freakishly tall and handsome some of our dutch community is. Myself (Rob) and Robyn (Wifey, you will hear her yelling at me on whilst on discord), in front of our house. We live north of the wall. Northern Ontario Canada. We also have a cat named Dexter, he also yells at me while I am on discord https://ibb.co/f1NC3w https://ibb.co/nbsZGG
  21. Hey dude welcome
  22. Nice to meet ya fellow canuck.
  23. Welcome back bro
  24. We have seen you at revs quite often Good luck with your application! Remember to pm an application manager in discord in 2 days!!! Otherwise we pk almost every day, and we'll see you there shortly and in wg_cc.
  25. Holy shit you finally applied! THANKS, now I can leave you alone. App is decent for a millwright tbf.