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  1. Hello and welcome
  2. Kid should have known better TBH
  3. We all die, some of us alot.You can gear up for very cheap, and once you have above 116 combat you'll rarely if ever lose money pkign with us.
  4. Hahah mojo teach pking! Good one. I on the other hand will teach you how to be a big dick wielding greaser. Makes sure to download discord and join us, most of us hang out in the locked cc there though. And remember to message an app manager in 2 days!!! They are a great resource fro walking you through the process! Good luck joining and see you in wg cc!
  5. Have a fun trip Ell, keep crushing those levels dude. Very impressive gains
  6. Ew.
  7. Really nice app Semb hope you get in dude! Holy shit @Ellmeister
  8. It ain’t an app don’t worry Hello and welcome
  9. I don’t hate Rot hello and welcome! Good luck joining
  10. Once again, i find myself tilted.
  11. Got my QPs in a day.
  12. I give you good deal!
  13. Shitty dude good luck with the rebuild. Pking with the greasers is a pretty ez way to rebuild though, i can get you some starter sets. Rune c bow+dbolts was 4-7m each 2 nights ago. Edit; That was without any major +1 pks (only a couple ballistas and tents)
  14. Hey dude, good luck with the application! See you in WG_CC
  15. In this episode of cribs...
  16. Welcome back lol. Yo were you the dude that was loosing his shit getting firecape?
  17. Yea crushed some milestones there for sure!
  18. Pker personally. Your Karls Mark IGN was fantastic. Good luck joining
  19. Easily. And vio manages to tilt me none the less lol. For example. Rather than teleport up in tank gear to try and escape a full... he brings full mystic with a d body switch. All for dramatic effect obviously. But I will be naming one of my peptic ulcers after him.
  20. It’s Troy you goof. Lol. It’s a good thing you are cute.
  21. Do what you enjoy in the game. Rng is rng. Very few of us have poi luck
  22. Welcome back Troy
  23. I love you man, but you got some head issues. 500m....
  24. This application kicks ass.