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  1. YFW

    @WG Shovel I think this has been a running joke in WG since longer than i have been around. Kianu is notorious for not training mage.
  2. Nice to meet you Matt currently in whistler crushing the Rockies! Can’t snowboard worth shit due to an old lacrosse injury though
  3. Hello fellow ontarioan. Good luck joining the clan
  4. Welcome and good luck joining
  5. Statistically improbable. Grats dude
  6. Hi Steven, welcome to WG. Good luck joining.
  7. Welcome Teyu. I hope hugo is okay! Hugo recently went through a turoth resection. This allowed him to pursue more quests like the elite handsome asian he is. I have not heard from him since.
  8. Good to have ya back fam.
  9. Welcome and GL joining
  11. Holy shit that is a hell of an application. Easily one of the best i have seen lol. Welcome president.
  12. Hi

    Abyssgiveaway,Abyssgiveaway,Abyssgiveaway,Abyssgiveaway I too enjoy making nerds sit.
  13. lol, Jared this is our resent sleeper russian drunk. Take anything he says with a shot of penicillin.
  14. Back in my day, we worked for a month straight, with a maple shortbow, and sttel arrows, on lessers. Up hill, in the snow! Smells like ez scape. Grats though
  15. Welcome Caleb my wife and i are expecting our first as well
  16. Team Canada will crush the USA despite being 1/10th their population in the upcoming winter Olympics. That is my prediction. GGWP. EZ McDonalds country. I would put money on the patriots? I don't follow though. I know they have been a powerhouse the last 5 years. Is Brady still their QB? Isn't he like 40?
  17. Revs was still doing okay as is, cant complain with even more active caves They must have been a little confused when they wrote this. The 2m/hr figure is actually a representation of the WG pk squad profit per hour.
  18. Good luck again dude
  19. Welcome dude and good luck joining
  20. Any tips/ suggestions regarding quality? Recording software suggestions? editing suggestions?
  21. Havent even played the new warhammer, the first felt kinda like a recycled attila with different map and skins lol.
  22. Hello mr engineering student, make that shit thick please. Like juicy. Meat potatoes. Good luck getting in though dude More in your app helps!
  23. Hahahahaha yes!!!! Wifey says Bert is the most handsome.
  24. Welcome and good luck, you should be lookign to message an app manager in discord 2 days after posting your app!
  25. Welcome dude, I also enjoy total war immensely. Good luck joining