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  1. Hello and welcome
  2. Haven't we already seen an app from this guy? Good luck!
  3. A friend of Jhonny is a friend of mine GL getting in dude. The thicker the application the better btw!
  4. I too come seeking the knowledge of godbart!
  5. Hey Tee I am a newer member. Good luck in your application. That is quite the list of clans sir! lol
  6. Hi Jared, if you need anything in-game give me a shout. Hope this clan is a better fit for ya!
  7. It's me sorry jens1
  8. @AAIGHT Holy shit Bert, your bank gives me horrible anxiety. My wife would murder you.
  9. Welcome bro Do you know our x-sabre members? Don't worry about lvs and such, the clan took me in when I had returned to rs for a couple days, I was lv 40. I am still the noob of the bunch but they are super helpful and friendly.
  10. After many many years of clean living, I have once again become addicted to Runescape. Pking has always been my love. In fact, I would prefer to never leave the wildly. The following post is intended to communicate my goals for the months to come. I would also like to take the opportunity to thank the clan for being so friendly and welcoming. Our app managers are insanely competent, and members like Batfire, Da man, Bong and Shroom made me really want to become a member of WG (sorry if i didn't mention you, i still love you). Generalized objectives: 1) Quests. Everything in p2p is questlocked. Makes me want to stroke. I hate questing. If i complete a quest I shall celebrate. 2) A base of 50 in all stats. 3) Achieve desired stats to once again own f2p wildy. In so doing I would also become less of a liability to our p2p pking squad. Having watched a lot of briding streams I have come to understand that I do not heavily enjoy p2p single pking as of right now. The constant overhead praying (pray switching being a huge component of effective briding), the constant teleporting, raging and rushing all leave a bad taste in my mouth. Historically, I enjoy going into the wildy knowing I am either down or up a set of gear. Not wasting time and lots of gps on food/pots only to tp away like little pansies. It all seems very cheap and low honor, my opinion. Therefore; Stats 73/ 85 attack 75/85 str 71/ whatever def 46/whatever prayer 78/99 range 64/85 mage I will do slayer while I grind these out. 56/85 mining --- Rune rocks are my stomping ground. 50 everything else, anything above that is cherries. I hope to get at least 7 mill xp/month, I achieved this in month #1, so I hope maintain this at minimum. UPDATE [email protected] months
  11. Hello mr.claus, met you in cc. Good luck with your app!
  12. UPDATE #1 3 MONTHs OF RS 1)Quests. 98 QP. This remains a large challenge for me. However the quests do force me to skill. 2) I achieved level 50+ in all stats except; RC,Farming,Agility,Fishing (Suggestions welcome) 3) I have been successful in acquiring my minimal 7mill xp/month. This should become progressively easier. Initial Post Stats -----------------------Update #1 (3 months since returning to RS) 73/ 85 attack---------------------------- 83/85 75/85 str----------------------------------81/85 71/ whatever def----------------------- 74/D 46/whatever prayer--------------------56/P 78/99 range------------------------------89/99 64/85 mage -----------------------------85/85! COMPLETE! Now 85/93! I have elected to drop the goal of 85 mining. I am not a pure fp2er anymore, and there are better places to make money/pk in p2p. My new objective is now Fremmy Hard Diary. Doing Fremmy Hard will force me to acquire Lunar magics and a means of further training mage, 100+qp, Avianies as a means of making money and getting some further range xp.
  13. Incredible! I feel like it would make 4 ticking a lot harder? How does one hybrid with a 120 inch screen lol
  14. Okay so what are the final objectives? and what are the limitations? Are you allowed looting from wildly? Are you allowed using GE? PVM?
  15. As much as we all want to think RS IS LIFE, truth is, most of the clan are actually quite successful/productive people. I have heard that some of us have wives/kids. Others are pursing masters and PHds. I am looking to put faces to some of the names around here. I am also eager to see how freakishly tall and handsome some of our dutch community is. Myself (Rob) and Robyn (Wifey, you will hear her yelling at me on whilst on discord), in front of our house. We live north of the wall. Northern Ontario Canada. We also have a cat named Dexter, he also yells at me while I am on discord https://ibb.co/f1NC3w https://ibb.co/nbsZGG
  16. Welcome Mr.Lemming
  17. Good luck applying dude! The more effort the better. We like to see some commitment!
  18. Good luck with your application!
  19. oo what does it do?
  20. Shizam is back fuckers.
  21. Welcome dude
  22. Sounds like you are from my era. Welcome bro.
  23. Will never get a garg task. Forever doing metal drags without enough qp to block.
  24. OSRS is where it is at if you have any interest in challenging content, or pking/wilderness fun. Developers continue to add more pvp/wilderness content as well! As far as honor vs no honor is concerned, I would still call WG an honor clan. We don't harass streamers. We don't rag. We risk items. We don't crash events or pks. Some of our members will also run anti-pk and interference for people skiling in the wildy. HOWEVER, the wildy has changed a lot (not for the worse) as far as activity and map logistics are concerned. And we will kill pvmers that are not team. WG is fantastic if you want a mix of pvm and pvp. We also have connections to the major pk clans.