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  1. Oh they fixed it alright. Can’t see anybody being there within a week. Was a fun 2 weeks I suppose. Gf jagex. Left a rant in our forums. CBA to post on reddit etc lol
  2. Hi ghost and welcome to WG. We are both a pvm and pvp clan, and we are technically the longest standing clan in RS.
  3. His lordship is level 83 in that image better hit up nmz. There are some awsome pics in there bro.
  4. Oh it’s not Kianu?
  5. So here is a little rant about the recent rev cave nerf; Pre nerf, the revs achieved exactly what it set out to do. It rejuvenated the wilderness. You could sit at lava teleport and see a constant stream of people coming in. In any world. The cave itself was packed. Pking there was actually like shooting fish in a barrel. Great for pking groups of any size. We were all able to make profit. And obviously, these tight confines also means you would find constant clans to engage with as well. From a pvm standpoint, your drops were highly dependent on level. If you were aware of your surroundings you could often get away from pkers with ease (not afk at all). Drops were good enough to show up for. Assuming you could out hit your opponents and not get greased thereafter. Sounds great so far, right? It was, until the pvmers realized they would actually have to go into the wilderness routinely. Or risk making less gp/hr on their completely SAFE minigame-like bosses (if you die there you can just get your shit out of a chest, or return within 60?!?!? minutes.) The nerd community doesn't really like having to go into the wilderness, BUT the drops were too hard to really refuse. They also didn't like that it was competitive with Quest Locked/ Endgame content. Upon which they have monopoly. The other methods are also more stable in that you may not have to tp/return 10 times in an hour, and your going to make reliable cash stacks etc. You heard many people claim it was 2m/hr. It was good money. Assuming you didn't have to dodge clans every couple seconds, or you weren't getting spontaneously jumped. So if you were the big fish, and smart. Then yes, it was fantastic. Want me to do the math on your profit per hour if you get killed twice in an hour and have to return an extra time? Assuming minimal risk, you will loose 150k roughly. People also conveniently forgot that whatever they HAD gotten off the revs went to the pkers. What if you got tired? MAke a mistake? Got overconfident? Tried anti-pking and got fucked. Well then you find yourself down 27m? maybe more? maybe less? A proper hierarchy. Then comes the NERF HAMMER. CLUNK. So you get a VERY LOUD pvmer community yelling and crying for the nerf hammer. They get in within what? a couple weeks? How long did it take them to nerf bosses like zulrah, or the NMZ guthans. These same pvmers were the ones making bank off zulrah scales. or making bank at revs. or making bank smithing for profit. or making bank flipping bolt tips. or banking insane gp/hr fletching those bolt tips. Jagex once again fails to realize that the greasy neck beard pvmers are your biggest/loudest community. These guys have spare time to spam memes on reddit, or spam the forums, or have played so dam much they know the JMODS names, sexual preferences and animal names. So Rob, what does it look like post nerf? Good question Rob. Having spent several hours there post nerf. DRUM ROLL........Drops are shit and there are other means of making cash that are far more reliable/less risk. Coming from somebody who WANTS to play this game in the wilderness as much as possible. Who wants to be down there anti-pking/pking/or pvming takes a look at the pvm drops from a couple hours and goes SHIT NO. Waste of my time! How busy do you think revs are going to be? Rant complete.
  6. Hey tank welcome and good luck joining
  7. I've got 16 minutes more of raw pker killing content from last month if anybody if willing to help me dissect it. Haven't got much this month cause Sabre was away on vacation. I blame Sabre.
  8. This video is intended as a recap for the PK trip on January 19th. Aimed to be fun and funny! It is largely a trial version and if not meant for use outside of the clan Looking for any feedback! Also looking for members who are willing able to help provide content and editing! In summary; 1) Do not share outside of WG (we can work as a group towards making real pk videos) 2) Trailing software 3) Edited by a nurse. 4) Shit clicks 5) Rag as all hell 6) Maybe a little NH 7) Tons of fun with the WG boys 8) I tried my best be gentle! FEEDBACK Leadership suggested focusing on Pker kills. I wholeheartedly agree with this. Jared suggested using a d scimmy over dagger, i don't have mm1 done lol.
  9. lol WB.
  10. Now Mojo likes to humiliate noobs by telling them to train more. "Go to NMZ and max, it takes like a day, he says." My best memories are of the original runescape. I have only been around for a little while in OSRS and nothing quite compares thus far. I did find a good bunch of people that I like to call family though.
  11. Beware da man, master of wood.
  12. Happy birthday? *cough* sit nerds *cough*
  13. YFW

    @WG Shovel I think this has been a running joke in WG since longer than i have been around. Kianu is notorious for not training mage.
  14. Nice to meet you Matt currently in whistler crushing the Rockies! Can’t snowboard worth shit due to an old lacrosse injury though
  15. Hello fellow ontarioan. Good luck joining the clan
  16. Welcome and good luck joining
  17. Statistically improbable. Grats dude
  18. Hi Steven, welcome to WG. Good luck joining.
  19. Welcome Teyu. I hope hugo is okay! Hugo recently went through a turoth resection. This allowed him to pursue more quests like the elite handsome asian he is. I have not heard from him since.
  20. Good to have ya back fam.
  21. Welcome and GL joining
  23. Holy shit that is a hell of an application. Easily one of the best i have seen lol. Welcome president.
  24. Hi

    Abyssgiveaway,Abyssgiveaway,Abyssgiveaway,Abyssgiveaway I too enjoy making nerds sit.
  25. lol, Jared this is our resent sleeper russian drunk. Take anything he says with a shot of penicillin.