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  1. Genesis

    Do kills on WG members count? It is technically related to WG
  2. Genesis

  3. Genesis

    I vote we keep him No harm no foul
  4. Genesis

    I'm sure Dixie lived a very happy and fulfilling life. RIP kitty <3
  5. Genesis

    Get that WG name squad rollin' out again. Good shit.
  6. Genesis

    Why imagine if it's the truth?
  7. Genesis

    Helll yeeeee
  8. Genesis

    In his defense, he does have TBs which means he is contributing and he had standard small man team pk gear there. Gratz on ballista pk tho!
  9. Genesis

    Get a real phone bruv
  10. Genesis

    Never lucky
  11. Genesis

    Those are some slick moves
  12. Genesis

  13. Genesis

  14. Genesis

    The one time this noob is right. Gratz nerd
  15. Genesis

    A bit pricy. Would have loved to go now that I'm in the UK.