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  1. Already been 5 years...holy moly. Time flies.
  2. When some random kid named Mojo got his barrows gloves. It was the beginning of a new age. Getting 99 prayer as it was my favorite 99 back in the day but I never managed to get it. Getting Kraken pet on like 80 kc as my first pet ever.
  3. I think it'll pass with flying colours. It's frustrating for everyone.
  4. Pm me ingame. IGN: AAIGHT
  5. Can finally finish off my 99 crafting with the interface change. My molten glass has been rotting in the bank for years now.
  6. Gratz! Hm did you make off 99? Also, did you do ardy knights or PP?
  7. You got me. I was Mojo all along
  8. The drunk Russian's alt.
  9. Appreciate it! I've asked around and if they're still open in the next few months, Avalon will likely be my option as they've got pretty good pulls and are very PvP centric. Who knows though, things could change in the next few months.
  10. Not even maxed total. What a pleb.
  11. On my main, potentially, for PvM/social purposes but I'm not gonna join on a lvl 100 account for pvp in a clan that is not centered around that particular build. Even if I did, I'd get smashed by pures/lower lvls on pk trips and I wouldn't be able to get help. Heck, I may as well join in on my main but that sort of defeats the purpose of wanting to pk on a tank. I know it may seem weird that I'm asking the clan about ideas on other clans to join. Sort of seems disrespectful, but the clans I'm asking about aren't really competitors of WG. Sure, you will see them often in the wildy and fight them, but they're zerk/tank/med builds in a different category. I'm asking this because there are a fair few veterans here whose opinions I respect.
  12. ? I feel like you're pulling my leg :thinking: I'm asking this because I'm not very familiar with the current clan world.
  13. So I'm currently in the process of building my ranged tank and I'm looking at pvp clans to join in the future as a result (on my tank). I had always wanted to join Valhalla but they closed a couple of years ago. I heard most members moved on to another clan called Avalon. This is my first option. Valhalla sounded better imo. My second option is Elite Zerks though I'm not the biggest fan of their name given the fact that I'm a tank. They also do a lot of PvM so I'm scared their focus will be off or split. My final option, as Grumpy pointed out is Evil which has some ex/current WG members in. I've gone ahead and made an account on their forums for the time being. Having said all of that, it will probably take me a while to get the requirements for the clans mentioned. I still need to get base 70 melee stats to start afking NMZ with guthans and I need a bunch of magic levels. For the time being, I will be hanging around all 3 communities every now and then to see which I like the most. I'd like to know everyone's unbiased (stress on unbiased) thoughts on each of the above clans or if you have any other recommendations that I should check out.
  14. Agreed. Big improvement from the initial ones. I hope everyone got their capes because it should be harder now.
  15. Yesssss. Time to kill 700 more chompy birds to complete my elite diary. Let's goooooo.