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  1. Ty for post count hick
  2. Interesting changes to favor gain. Most of the popular methods got nerfed tbh. Then again, double the favor gain overall so can't complain.
  3. Agree with what Lait said. Pures are very cheap to pk with and teach you some of the basics. You can just do ranged to gmaul early on then maybe get some mage lvls and nh brid over time.
  4. Welcome to the big boi worlds. 49 is best.
  5. Yikers. Guess I need to keep my tank's membership going too.
  6. Gratz. Insure that shit asap.
  7. Ha, clueless scrub... Jk, good lad. Let him rejoin.
  8. Hey

  9. Gratz bud!
  10. ??
  11. Don't believe you mate. Who's your spy on the inside??
  12. 14 hours ago? How the fuck. This was posted by Jagex like 3 hours ago.
  13. Used it on agility actually. RC is pretty chill with bloods. Still need 3 agility lvls for ardy elite.
  14. Should probably include the method of getting there (fremennik boots 4 or tele to lunar isle without seal and get kicked off). Nice one otherwise! Curious to know if regular antifires would work instead since you have the shield.
  15. Special thanks to Jared for watching over my back while I did it!