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  1. 4474

    No PC. No pics, no recap. Once I got my PC I'll recap.
  2. 4474

    A more integrated social system for Clans like WoW has tbh
  3. Title says it all. This is where we'll keep track of what items we've had drop so I can fill out the spreadsheets. ALL PICTURES MUST INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING. Wg vs Forsaken 237 In your chat box Your runescape name must be viewable The drop of the item must be in the runescape chat log as well. Barrows items you need to take a picture of the loot chest itself. Runelite does this automatically. That's all. Have fun, make some money and lets win us a competition lads.
  4. 4474

    What a lucky lucky girl she is... Poor thing.
  5. Double post cuz im a bad boy. Trident drop. Something finally l0l
  6. 4474

    Still got my first N64. Mario party or Mario Kart on that is always a good time.
  7. 4474

    I smoke weed don't bust me.
  8. 4474

    Nice app, gl.
  9. I mean it woudn't matter, this isn't the PVM competition and the Slayer comp is being tracker XP wise thru a tracker, this is just for drops and level pics.
  10. Anything you feel you'd want to post over the week, post it here. We'll keep a tab of drops and levels.
  11. 4474

    Welcome, much better than the first app. GL
  12. 4474

    Save some RNG for the PVM comp
  13. 4474

    Pineapple does belong on pizza.