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    My thoughts exactly #
  4. Hammontrees Tell us about yourself. Sup. Name is Casey and I live in Florida. Been in and out of WG since late '04 and I always find my way back some how. Been playing Runescape since Runescape Classic. Recently came back to Runescape after taking about a year off when I lost a family member, came back to a hacked account that I couldn't recover. RIP 4474. So the legend of Hammontrees begins. As far as what I like to do in game. Bossing and PKing are about all that can keep my attention, not much of a skiller. I play other games, WoW and League of Legends. Wanna know anymore, feel free to ask! Clan history. Well. His Lordship popped my clan cherry back in '04. It was just such a wild concept to me, not killing randoms in the wild and only PKers. Ended up falling in love with the clan and every time I quit runescape and come back it's where I end up. There was a point where there was quite a huge falling out in WG, many members left, including myself. I ended up just sticking it in every clan I could, trying to get that WG feel back, nothing filled the void in my heart, lmfao. Corruption/Fear/Dwood/THE All I can think of off the top of my head. How did you hear about us? Heard it through the grapevine Do you plan to join? More than likely, yeah. Any last comments? Old McDonald had a farm.
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    Oh my lanta. I hope you've been well <3
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    Hola amigo
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    4474 What is your current RS name? 4474 List any previous RS names: 4474 My stats: http://sigs.vksoft.eu/oldschool/blue/no/4474.png Tell us about your RuneScape account and history. Started playing in 4th grade. A 6th grader was playing at the library and I watched him for a week before I made my own account. This was back in Runescape Classic. Took me over a week to figure our where the chat boxes were to talk to people 😧 As far as what I enjoy doing in Runescape, PKing, Slayer and PvMing Tell us about your clan history. WG. EoS. Fear. Corruption. DWoos. Gladz. Couple mid size smaller clans Tell us about your yourself. My name is Casey, I'm 24 and I live in Florida. I work and go to school. I like weed and food. I love trains and mangos. Music preferences range from Rap to Rock, to EDM to Jazz. Not the biggest Country fan lol. Played WoW since Vanilla, recently quit that addiction so I'm replacing one with another I guess lol, no one quits Runescape. How did you hear about us? I am Wilderness Guardians What makes you want to join us? My previous history in the clan has always been an exciting one for me. If I ever look for a new clan I find myself looking for one with the same qualities as WG. Why not just staywhere it ororiginated from eh? Lol Do you agree to the rules and requirements of WG and understand that this is an honour clan? Yes Come clean about anything that may deter us from accepting you: Mojo, you might wanna get yourself checked after last week.
  8. 4474 Tell us about yourself. I'm your basic gamer... Been playing Runescape for over 15 years (Runescape Classic) I play League of Legends, HoTs and Hearthstone from time to time. I live in Florida and I like weed. Clan history. Started with WG back in '04. Left in '06 after a huge amount of people left WG. From there I took the clan world on like a buffet. Corruption, Fear, TMRD, Dragonwood, EOS and a handful of smaller/mid size clans but I always felt at home in WG and always found my way back one way or another. How did you hear about us? I am Wilderness Guardians Do you plan to join? Yes (: Any last comments? Trains