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  1. been getting back into Escape from Tarkov. Clash of Clans on the mob, bunch of steam games. Hunt: Showdown, maybe some RB6 Siege. Mainly just EFT, CoC and OSRS.
  2. M59

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    Welcome back, hope it all works out.
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    Welcome and thank you for your service in the Navy. Best of luck with the app.
  4. M59

    [Accepted] Hugboat

    Welcome, Great app and best of luck with it.
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    Welcome to the forums. You've got quite the collection there, gotta love them 1 def builds. I recently went Zerk and enjoying it more so. Well done with inferno's on 4 accounts and all the best with your app.
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    [Accepted] M59

    Thank you, I appreciate that. Figured it may of been a bit much but I'm glad people are liking it. Kind of just tells the story as to why I play OSRS. Thank you and thank you, looking forward to it.
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    Thank you Thank you
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    Thank you, appreciate it. Indeed they are, haha. Thank you. Thank you, appreciate it. Thank you, appreciate it. Thank you, looking forward to pking with a group instead of solo. solo is fun but being in a group is better.
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    Haha thank you, hopefully it wasn't too much
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    Thank you and hopefully I'll get the chance to Thank you
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    [Accepted] M59

    Please join our Discord server and read the #joining_wg channel to see the final step in the process. M59 What is your current RS name? M59 List any previous RS names: Rune Hawk101 - Liive to Pk (RS3) G H05 T - lNFAMIS - A R 1 5 - M59 (OSRS) What is your total level and combat level? 98 combat 1701 total (working on 1750) Tell us about your RuneScape account and history. My younger brother came to me first about runescape somewhere around the year 2005, maybe late 2004. We would explore the game a little before I recruited my best friend in playing it with us too. Later on my brother would go on to do other things, while me and my best friend would make a few too many accounts to try different builds with them. I finally decided to make 1 last account, which would be "Rune Hawk101". I created this name rather simply, "Rune is from Runescape, "Hawk" would be a reference to Tony Hawk and "101" is referring to 101st Airborne. Later on my best friend would decide we should make accounts with the same name and as we liked to pk a lot we came up with "Liive to Pk". He would later quit playing and I'd continue on until EOC. Then the release of OSRS brought his attention back to runescape, however i've lost all interest. Thinking i worked so hard on those accounts and for it to end like that. After a few years , with him bugging me to join. I finally give in and look up his accounts on the highscore, he had made it. a max main and almost max pker.. i then thought, okay time to catch him. I would then create the name "G H05 T". I came up with "Ghost" because not of its popularity, but by how I come and go. I also used the name Ghost with a few other online games I played. The "05" would be a reference of the year I first started playing runescape. As I couldn't remember if it was 04 or 05, plus the 05 replaces the "OS" better. We'd later change our names to try match like we did before, i don't recall many of them but the last few i remember: GINANDJUICE, lNFAMIS, A R 1 5 and then finally M59. Gin and juice would be from the song by snoop dogg and dr dre. Infamis was added to my online name from "ghost" to "infamis ghost". Ar15 , I like guns, I go to competitions and stuff. Finally after searching for a 3 letter name for 2 hours, I landed on M59. M59 I found with the Mauser M59, a quick google search would also show a M59 Tank. Thought that was rather neat. Now with activities and skills, hopefully i didnt bore you too much. Slayer, I enjoy doing slayer a lot. Changes things up instead of grinding rock crabs all day or NMZ. I have been getting into doing bosses like, Vorkath, Zulrah and Bandos with a small group. My best friend and a few of his friends online. We would also do some raiding , killing Olm rather successfully after the first few fails. Pking as stated before me and my friend would do alot of pking, so back into old habits. I never really was much of a skiller, however I have gotten most skills that I needed for certain requirements. Just mainly pking, bossing and raids. Tell us about your clan history. Tell us about your yourself. My name is Eric, I'm 25, I live in Texas, US, I do upholstery work making helicopter seats, fun stuff. Does OSRS count as a hobby? Going out to the range and shooting some targets/competitions. Hanging out with friends and watching some Tv. How did you hear about us? Oldschool Runescape forums in the clan section. What makes you want to join us? I've been looking for a clan lately because now that I've gotten more active on runescape, I've noticed I don't really have anyone to do anything with. I can solo most activities but not all of them, plus its more enjoyable with other people. My friend is in another country so timezones make it difficult to play together all the time. So I figured I'd go on the OSRS forums and check out some clans. There were a few I thought about , until I came across you guys. I wanted a clan that's been around for a good while, knows the ins and outs of runescape, friendly and helpful community. Has discord, but seems like everyone does haha. better yet, has their own website, now that's a real clan i thought, so here i am, 5:30am in the morning applying to join The Wilderness Guardians. Hopefully you guys accept me as I look forward to finally joining a clan and getting to enjoy the game some more. Do you agree to the rules and requirements of WG and understand that this is an honour clan? Yes Come clean about anything that may deter us from accepting you:
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